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Our Soppy Love Story

I make what Pedro calls “Prison Pasta" [2:14] pasta, olive oil, salt and parmesan cheese (things we always have) [2:14] slash we go down to the pizzeria downstairs

Hi Hart Beat. I’m back! If you follow me on Instagram then maybe you saw I was on a romantic Costa Rican vacation with my mom last week. Well, like it or not now I’m back and have so much to share with you! Let’s start with this adorable book that has been circulating the internets recently.

Soppy by Philippa Rice is one of the most romantic things I’ve seen in a while. The artist has captured the small nuances of what it’s like to be in a long-term relationship like no one I’ve ever seen. From moments like cooking together to the trials and tribulations of claiming your side of the bed, to falling asleep together on the couch after the 100 Seinfeld episode, I kept thinking “did this woman spy on me and Pedro?” Honestly, so many of these comics could be us. And the best part? They are illustrations off of her relationship with her partner.

This means that as much difference as there is in every relationship, some things stay the same. The intimate parts stay the same. And for that, I am grateful.

P.S. For more illustrations from the book check out this post on Upworthy that has a ton.

Our Soppy Love Story

All photos by Philippa Rice.

Sally Nixon: What we do when no one is watching

Sally Nixon

Browsing the interwebs last night I came across a gem of an illustrator. Have you seen the work by Sally Nixon? I hadn’t but as soon as I saw her illustrations of women in every day moments I knew she needed to be shared here on Hart Beat. Each scene calls my name one hundred million times. I love that in each illustration is a woman (or sometimes many) so clearly in her own thoughts while doing something as personal and mundane as brushing her teeth in the shower. I have never seen these moments called out and, to be honest, I wish I did.

The whole series to me seems like the antithesis of Instagram right now. Instead of showering our feeds with “don’t I live such a charmed and privileged life” wouldn’t it be great if we could see more scenes like these?

If you’re interested in more info about the artist check out Habit & Heart’s great interview with the Little Rock based Nixon.

Sally Nixon

Sally Nixon

Sally Nixon 7329b776ff2ad8c2e44cdcb76abcd225 Sally Nixon Sally Nixon

All illustrations by Sally Nixon.

Fresh Air - Hannah Hart Beat

Amazing interviews

Fresh Air - Hannah Hart Beat

Hiiii Hart Beat! Long time no write! To break the internet silence I want to share some interviews that I have been LOVING from one of my favorite radio shows, Fresh Air. For those of you not familiar, Fresh Air is a NPR hour long radio program in which Terry Gross, one of my favorite people on this earth, discusses and interviews contemporary writers, actors, musicians, directors, poets, and artists on new projects that they are working on. If there’s a new book or movie out then no doubt Terry Gross is interviewing that person.

The show comes on at 2pm every Monday through Thursday on WNYC and it is something I look forward to every day (or every night on my commute if I missed the radio edition). Here are my most favorite interviews as of late that I think you all will love as much as I did.

Keith Richards: The “Fresh Air” Interview

The guitarist for the Rolling Stones has a new solo album, Crosseyed Heart. Richards is also the subject of the new Netflix documentary, Under the Influence. Originally broadcast Oct. 25, 2010.

Lutheran Minister Preaches A Gospel of Love, Junkies, Drag Queens And Outsiders

Nadia Bolz-Weber was a stand-up-comic with a drinking problem who opened up a church for people who didn’t belong. “My job is to… remind people that they’re absolutely loved,” she says. Her new memoir is Accidental Saints.

Jon Steward On His Daily Show Run: “It So Far Exceeded My Expectations”

Fresh Air pays tribute to Stewart’s tenure on The Daily Show with pieces from four different interviews since 2000, including a 2006 conversation with former Daily Show executive producer Ben Karlin, which you can listen to in the audio link above.

Author Explores the “Wild and Haunting World of Dolphins”

In her book, Voices in the Ocean, Susan Casey describes the world of dolphins and addresses the myth that dolphins have healing powers. She also details the threats the animals face from man-made sounds in the ocean.

Mary Karr On Writing Memoirs: “No Doubt I’ve Gotten A Million Things Wrong”

In her new book, The Art of Memoir, Karr reflects on the process of recounting personal stories and writing about loved ones without betraying them. When it comes to the latter, she says that, with a few exceptions, she doesn’t spend time writing about despicable people. “When there’s a jerk in the book, it’s usually me,” she says. “I’m the one I’m wrestling with.”


And because I can’t resist, a few others that I loved:

Oliver Sacks: A Neurologist at the “Intersection of Fact and Fable”
Reflecting On Football and Addiction As “Friday Night Lights” Turns 25
A Hollywood Animal Trainer’s Secrets for Getting Dogs to Act On Cue

Both photos of Keith Richards and Oliver Sacks via Fresh Air.

Are you with me now?

Are you with me now?

Are you with me now?

Hola Hart Beat. Thanks again to this week’s new Discover Feature in Spotify I found another song that you might like to listen to. At least I’m enjoying it over here on this slow moving Tuesday. This song by Cate Le Bon came out in 2013 with the release of her studio album Mug Museum. Clearly I was not on the ball because I’m only now hearing this song, “Are you with me now?”, for the first time. What do you think, Hart Beat? You like? Had you heard of Cate Le Bon before?

Cate Le Bon sings “Are you with me now?” from her last album. As always, the song has been added to the official Hannah Hart Beat playlist.

Lara Odell = My life


Working at Food52 gives me so much access and introduction to amazing cooks and writers but lately we’ve been pulling together some great illustrations on the site. When I clicked through to see who the artist was I was blown away and laughed away by Laura Odell’s work.

Laura has a wide range of work but my favorites are all of the small illustrations that she pulled together on this site.  The top one here amiright? Shoutout to Bates Commons there (I see you Star Trek). I feel like this is my life on the subway and in the office elevator. WHY EYES WHY. Some of my other favorites by Laura are here too.




New York vs. San Francisco

Hola Hart Beat. As some of you might know, about three years ago (how was that so long ago) I tried to leave my east coast roots and move over to San Francisco. How was that you ask? What an epic fail. For so many reasons I did not like it over there and moved immediately back east to settle in Brooklyn. Now after living here for three years I am so, so, SO happy that I did. I love this city and (bonus here) my hatred of San Fran was one of the first things that Pedro and I bonded over when we met.

New York vs. San Francisco

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Flower construction #58 (w:80 h:120 d:6.5 cm)

Anne Ten Donkelaar, flower constructions for May

Anne Ten Donkelaar, flower constructions

Oh Hart Beat, the happiest of Friday’s to you. This week was both super long and super short (if you know what I mean) and I’m glad that the weekend is here for time to relax and catch up with my friends. Tonight Pedro and I are going to one of my favorite restaurants in Brooklyn (HOMETOWN BBQ, do you know it?) and I can’t wait to eat all the pulled pork that I can handle.

Anyway, one of my friends at work shared with me these 3d flower constructions from pressed flowers and cut out flower pictures by the extremely talented artist Anne Ten Donkelaar and I can’t stop thinking about them. Norwegian artist Donkelaar has published these pieces on her website and describes them as,

Each element is meticulously placed on pins which creates the depth. Some of them are like a fantasy Herbaria, filled with dried flowers or branches, with irregular shapes and sophisticated twists and some refer to planets.

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You me oiu by Pakayla Rae Biehn

Hi Hart Beat. I am so happy to be blogging tonight from ye old Brooklyn. I had a great vacation in Maine and I love being on the water there but, it is SO nice to be home in my favorite city. I took some great photos that I’ll share later this week so stay tuned. Tonight though, I want to share one of my favorite pieces that I keep coming back to (it’s been my desktop background for over a year now).

Artist Pakayla Rae Biehn has been featured here on Hart Beat before. Anything she does I seriously can’t get enough of. What do you think Hart Beat? Isn’t it just oh so romantic?

For more neon art work check out this post about Tracey Emin. And for neon decoration check this apartment decoration out.

Well done, Mr. Linklater

Hey Hart Beat. As you loyal readers probably know, my favorite movie of all time is the mesmerizing Before Sunset. I love that movie (and it’s predecessor and follower) so much that when I went to Paris I followed their exact steps and I watch the movie at least once a year. Dios, even the scenes of the trailer get me so good.

Anyway, the brilliant director behind those three movies, Richard Linklater, is now releasing his most recent movie. Boyhood is about a young boy growing up in America. The story is pretty typical but the way that Linklater created it is definitely not. The movie was filmed over 12 years with the same actors, and more importantly, the same actor playing the lead. Ellar Coltrane was 6 years old and ends this year, when the actor is 18. You can listen to this amazing interview with Ellar on NPR here. What do you think, Hart Beat? Want to see it with me?

Hats off to you, Richard.

Pillowcases by John Baldessari

Hola Hart Beat. Aren’t these pillowcases great? This spring I decided to give my Brooklyn bedroom a little makeover. I’ve had a lot of the same accessories, bedding and curtains since college and now that I’m 24 I thought it might be a good idea to revamp somethings. I want my room to seem more age appropriate, spring cleaning yo. Since I’m on a budget I’ve been getting most things from BedBath but I found these amazing pillowcases in this week’s New York Times Style Magazine. They are designed by artist John Baldessari and are being released by The Thing Quarterly. I love the photograph and the romantic feeling that it evokes. Since my room is pretty simple I think these would be a great addition. Anyone want to buy me a present?