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Art Before the Women’s March on Washington

Women's March on Washington

Hart Beat! Are you going to the Women’s March on Washington this weekend? I’ve spoken only a little about November 9th and what the election and its result has meant to me, my friends, my family, and my neighbors. Sometimes I feel like I have lots to say. And other times I read articles like this one from the NYT and start to cry on the subway again. Then there are the days that I’m so fired up and angry I can hardly sit still.

One thing that has helped has been listening to women. Women artists like Agnes Martin at the Guggenheim. Women artists like Cheryl Strayed and Zadie Smith. Women singers like Nina Simone and women reports like Ann Friedman. I’m going to be in Washington this weekend with hundreds of thousands of women and men and one thing that I’ve enjoyed lately is the official march’s Instagram account. They’ve been showing art by different women in preparation for the day and so I thought I’d share some of my favorites here with you. At the bottom of this post you can find their names and handles so you can follow them too. If you have others please let me know! See you in D.C., Hart Beat.

P.S. I found this article helpful for getting ready for the march. If you have any tips send them my way!


Hannah Hart Beat

Artists in order of their appearance here,

  1. Louisa Cannell / @weezyvc
  2. Jennifer Maravillas / @jennifermaravillas
  3. Kimothy Joy / @kimothyjoy
  4. This is DYNASTY / @thisisdynasty

Celestial Love with Eugenia Loli

Hannah Hart Beat

Hi Hart Beat! Happy Sunday to all you readers out there. What are you up to this weekend? Today I’m running errands in Brooklyn, going to a Bar class (!) and F I N A L L Y getting new bras. Wish me luck. Other than talking about boobs this am, I wanted to share the work of an amazing artist that I just became aware of. Are you familiar with Eugenia Loli?

Hannah Hart Beat

I came across her Instagram and have since been hooked. Eugenia’s work is collage based and she uses photography scanned from vintage magazines and science publications with overlaid surrealist details. It’s so weird and romantic and celestial. I can’t look away. I want them all framed in my apartment. You can see all of Eugenia’s work on her website (and even buy prints!) but here are some of my favorite pieces of hers for you to check out.

Hannah Hart Beat

Hannah Hart Beat

All collages by Eugenia Loli.

Hannah Hart Beat

A secret to the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Hannah Hart Beat

Hi Hart Beat! I’m back! Did you miss me? I sure missed you although Pedro and I did have an amazing time out in Portland. More to come on that soon..

Today I want to share a secret trick I learned during the Food52 summer week. On Wednesday of last week I decided early in the morning to make a trek up to the Upper East side and visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I’m sorry to say that even though I live in New York I don’t really take advantage of the amazing museums and galleries that we have all of the city. The MET is an especially great visit since they ask for “suggested donations” which means you can pay whatever you feel like. As a resident that makes it even easier to go since you’re not shelling out $30 every time.

Since I had an early morning inspiration to visit the MET, I got the the museum at 10am on the dot when they opened the doors. And that’s my secret! Since I know where all the popular impressionist art is in the museum (second floor to your left) I booked it straight up there and, no joke, I had the ENTIRE section to myself for a solid 45 minutes. Seriously. It was just me, the guards, Monet, van Gogh, Degas, Renoir, Cassatt, and a few others. Crazy.

I was in such shock and amazement that I took some pictures to show you how empty it was. Even though I normally hate it when people take photos in museums I felt like this was a special occasion…

So there you go, Hart Beat. Next time you want to go to the MET go at 10am on a Wednesday and you’ll have the museum experience you’ve always dreamed of having.

Hannah Hart Beat

Hannah Hart Beat

Hannah Hart Beat

Hannah Hart Beat


Frida Kahlo and Casa Azul in New York

Hi Hart Beat. I don’t know where you are but it’s a dreary night here in Brooklyn. I’ve been having all of these vivid dreams about traveling and so tonight I was so happy to stumble upon a photo (via the Joie Instagram of all places) of the new Frida Kahlo exhibit that just opened up at the New York Botanical Gardens.


The exhibit, Frida Kahlo: Art, Garden, Life, is showing from May 16th to November 1st of this year and focuses on the artists’ inspiration with nature and her native country of Mexico. Apparently this is the first solo show of Kahlo’s work to take place in New York in more than 25 years. All I have to say is ABOUT TIME NEW YORK.

The exhibit reimagines Kahlo’s famous garden at Casa Azul with scale version of the pyramid from Casa Azul, native Mexican plants and studio spaces similar to what the artist used in her home. Of course, the show also gives a call out to Kahlo’s equally brilliant husband Diego Rivera with some terra-cotta pots made by the artist with plants found in her garden. I love the both of them so much.

What seems so striking about the exhibit, and one of the main reasons that I want to go see it in person so much, are the vibrant colors that are now flooding the normally green and conservative Botanical Gardens. As much as I love Brooklyn one of the things that I always miss is the open ocean and that blue in these photos looks like it might be a good substitute for the time being.

So what do you think, Hart Beat? You want to have a garden date and pretend you’re in Mexico City with me?

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 10.23.23 PM

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 10.24.31 PM

Top photo via Joie Clothing and the bottom two via the Wall Street Journal.

Flower construction #58 (w:80 h:120 d:6.5 cm)

Anne Ten Donkelaar, flower constructions for May

Anne Ten Donkelaar, flower constructions

Oh Hart Beat, the happiest of Friday’s to you. This week was both super long and super short (if you know what I mean) and I’m glad that the weekend is here for time to relax and catch up with my friends. Tonight Pedro and I are going to one of my favorite restaurants in Brooklyn (HOMETOWN BBQ, do you know it?) and I can’t wait to eat all the pulled pork that I can handle.

Anyway, one of my friends at work shared with me these 3d flower constructions from pressed flowers and cut out flower pictures by the extremely talented artist Anne Ten Donkelaar and I can’t stop thinking about them. Norwegian artist Donkelaar has published these pieces on her website and describes them as,

Each element is meticulously placed on pins which creates the depth. Some of them are like a fantasy Herbaria, filled with dried flowers or branches, with irregular shapes and sophisticated twists and some refer to planets.

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Favorite 2015 Calendar: Nude Illustrations by Anna Gleeson

Hey Hart Beat. Now that 2014 is coming to a close I’ve been looking for a new calendar for the new year. Last year I discovered a calendar published by a college friend of mine, The Skinny Dipping Report, and I loved every month of it. In my internet searching lately I found this amazing calendar by illustrator Anna Gleeson. I like that it plays on the same theme as last year (nudes are the best aren’t they?)

What do you think? What are your favorite calendars every year? Also, for those of you wanting more salacious calendars, you can see the new Skinny Dipping Report on the V&V today.

The Salt & Sea prints

Hi Hart Beat! How was your weekend? I was so glad to be back in the city and relaxing as the summer ends. Today I took the LIRR to Long Beach with Carolyn (reminding both of us of our great trip two years back). On the boardwalk today was a great fair with tons of different vendors. One that I saw and LOVED was this company The Salt & Sea. The company designs and produces prints and cloth designs by Gene Rogovitz, who took inspiration from surfing on Long Island for the past 25 years.

“The Bicycle” print is by far my favorite. I have so much going on in my apartment right now that I really don’t have space to add a new print. But, as soon as something comes down this is most definitely going to replace it. The deign is “inspired by the old encyclopedia graphics and its information,” designer Gene Rogovitz “long had the idea to create an info-graphic poster highlighting minimal graphics and the key information about the elements that had a major part in his upbringing.”
All prints available at The Salt & Sea.

Drawing the figure

Hey Hart Beat. How was your weekend? I hope it was a relaxing start to August! My best friend from college and I went out to visit her parents on the Jersey Shore yesterday and today. I forget how much I miss the beach sometimes..

Since moving to Brooklyn it’s been so hard to find time to do everything I love, see my friends and still have time to explore. One thing that I’ve stopped doing since moving here two years ago was continue the figure drawing that I started in college. The end of this week and entire next week I’m going to be spending some time in Maine with my family and I’m looking forward to drawing again.

One of my favorite masters to copy and study is Auguste Rodin. I always love seeing his sculptures in museums. They are all so romantic and beautiful, don’t you think, Hart Beat?

Couple féminin, Auguste Rodin (1840-1917), Musée Rodin
All drawings by Auguste Rodin.

40 Days of Dating

Hey Hart Beat. I just came across this hilarious and typical New York City art piece/film collection that I had to share with you. Have you heard of “40 Days of Dating“? Watch the video below for an introduction..

The Dating Rules from 40 Days of Dating on Vimeo.

The premise of the project is two friends, Timothy Goodman and Jessica Walsh, are both tired of the New York City dating scene and their own personal dating problems. They decide to date for 40 days and document the project with videos and questionnaires. It’s a hilarious idea and I especially love what each of them says about their personal dating history in New York. Oh, man, do I feel you two. While I guess the match didn’t last between Timothy and Jessica, it’s still fun to see them go through the different stages of getting to know someone and seeing if they are a good match for you. If the idea of checking out something like this w4m blog to find a date or a casual hookup sounds more up your street than how these guys went about it all, that is completely up to you. As long as you are safe and have given it some thought, that’s what should matter.
What is difficult about dating in NYC?

Everyone is too busy and thinks they can do better. I can be shy around new people, so I’ve had a hard time meeting guys here. For a long while the only interest I was getting was from a construction worker who would catcall near 15th street. Eventually I tried online dating, and I did meet some great guys, but it didn’t work out with any of them. A friend of mine kept telling me to do a little research on each person I found through the dating site on a people search website, just to make sure that I wasn’t seeing someone I didn’t want to see.

I think the dating life here is only difficult if you’re looking to settle down. If you’re looking to date, it can be perfect. Everyone is so career hungry, and it’s hard for some men to stay focused when there are beautiful and interesting women everywhere.
Ha. So true my amigos, so true. What about you? Any good New York City dating stories? And P.S. some great advice I tell myself over and over again while attempting this terrible feat in this city.

Image Pairings on Tuesday Night

Hi Hart Beat. How is your Tuesday night going? I’m sorry I’ve been MIA this weekend and early week. I was in Washington D.C. over the weekend at my brother’s graduation and am only just getting back into the swing of things in Brooklyn. For a quick little post tonight I thought I would share some image pairings that I’ve been working on. I want some of these printed out for the hallway in my apartment. What do you think?

Ascona, Switzerland and Matisse.
Marilyn and a great poster