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Four Apps I Use Every(ish) Day

Hannah Hart Beat Apps

Morning Hart Beat! What apps we all have on our phones apparently can predict how old we are, what gender we are, and how much we make at work. Creepy right? What I got after taking said quiz was I basically had none of the apps listed on my phone. It got me thinking, what do I keep on my phone. I won’t list all of them but here are my four most used apps in the last few weeks. You have any of these, Hart Beat?

Ham Lottery App
= Reminds and helps you enter in the daily Hamilton the musical lottery.

That’s right, this app’s one job is to help you enter the daily Hamilton lottery to win same day tickets. I’m sure you like me, Hart Beat have been obsessed with the AMAZING MUSICAL MAGIC that is Hamilton. If not then stop right now, don’t finish this post, and listen to the official cast album. When I realized my my life would not be complete until I saw this musical live on Broadway I had a slight heart attack when I realized tickets are sold out into next Holiday season and sit at prices like $200 per ticket. After realizing this I did some digging and found that shoe does a daily lottery for 21 same day front row tickets which are sold for $10 each. The catch to the lottery is that you have to enter each day.

And that’s where Ham Lottery App comes in. Besides having the icon of a hilarious cartoon ham, the app sends you a notification every day when the lottery opens and lets you easily enter. MY FINGERS ARE CROSSED EVERY DAY AT 11AM.

= Makes it insanely easy to edit photos on your phone.

I like Instagram, Hart Beat. And as much as I love my actual real life camera, I definitely take my photos for Instagram on my trusty iPhone camera. What that means is most of them need a little doctoring up and that’s where VSCO comes in. The app has hundreds of pre-made filters that you can download to find the exact amount of contrast, coloring, shading, and highlighting that you want. Additionally, you can manually edit each photo if you want it to look juuuuuust right. I use it all the time that I don’t even know what filters Instagram actually has now.

= Now listening to public radio the most enjoyable and convenient thing in the world.

NPR rules my life and WNYC runs my morning routine. As soon as I wake up in the morning I turn the radio on and it’s really not until late in the afternoon that I turn it off. As soon as I get back home it’s on again. Let’s just say that I pretty much never turn it off. For years I had an old radio that used to be in the kitchen when I was growing up but in my move down to Bay Ridge, it stayed back in Greenpoint to keep Samantha company now that I don’t live there anymore. In it’s absence I’ve come to love the NPR One app. It’s basically pandora for raidio and podcasts. The app first asks you to pick a public radio station that you prefer (WNYC is New York’s public radio) then the app plays a stream of national, local news stories with podcasts mixed into the stream. It learns what kinds of stories you skip over and what you “fave” and uses this information to play more stories that you’ll like.

What I love about the app (other than more NPR more of the time) is the news is always on and the app plays even if you don’t have service. For my commute that means that I can load a dozen stories before getting on the subway and can listen to the morning’s news while commuting. Long live NPR.

Nike + Running
= Easily track runs.

I wish I could say I run every day but I definitely do not. When I am running though, Nike + Running is what I use every time. The app uses both geolocation and pace tracking to track how many miles you run and how what your miles per hour time is. I find this helpful mostly because while you are running at every mile a voice will come on and say in a soothing robotic voice “One mile run, time 9 minutes thirty seconds per mile” or whatever your average pace that run is. I don’t know if it’s the fact that I am actually seeing or hearing my progress but each time I run with the Nike app I run more than I would without it.