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Simple Matters

Hannah Hart Beat

Hi Hart Beat! Happy Sunday! Pedro and I have been playing it low key this weekend so I’ve been spending lots of time going through books that I’ve got piled up all over the apartment. One book that I read in February that I keep finding myself being drawn back to has been on my mind in need of a post for months. Have you read Simple Matters: Living with Less and Ending Up with More by Erin Boyle yet?

I was drawn to the book after this blog post by Erin on Cup of Jo. After reading Erin’s 14 tips for living in a small space, I started reading Erin’s blog Reading My Tea Leaves daily. Lucky for me right around this time Erin’s book Simple Matters came out and I was able to purchase it immediately. The book, like Erin’s blog, is all about finding simple and elegant ways of living with less in this heavy materialistic world. The inspiration for Erin’s book (and blog from what I’m understanding) is the teeny, tiny spaces that she and her husband, and now baby, have lived over the years. Currently Erin, her husband and their daughter live in a 500 square foot apartment in Brooklyn. Pedro and I live in an apartment bigger than that! I would be lying if, more than the famous Marie Kondo book, Simple Matters has changed the way that I live my life.

Hannah Hart Beat - Simple Things

Simple Matters is broken into nine sections: decluttering, simplifying, organizing, decorating, bath & beauty, getting dressed, cooking & entertaining, cleaning, and thriving. In these sections, Erin writes about how instead of filling our lives with lots of cheap things that we don’t really like, we should surround ourselves with well made, long lasting objects. And, more importantly, only the objects that we really need.

Far from lacking sentimentality over the things in my house, I actually feel a kind of reverence for them. They’ve been carefully chosen and considered. When I think about adding a new thing to my home, I think first of its beauty, second of its utility, and finally of its staying power. Objects that have a timeless appeal are my favorite things: a set of linen napkins, white plates, wooden spoons.

The book is full of tips like this and so many of them have changed the way I think about my apartment and my things. This post about not buying any beauty products until all of the ones I already own are finished was directly inspired from Simple Matters.

Hannah Hart Beat

Hannah Hart Beat

Hannah Hart Beat - Simple Things

So if you find yourself looking for a little spring cleaning kick, you hated Marie Kondo’s book and found it completely overwhelming, or you just want something pretty to look at while drinking your morning coffee, I highly recommend Simple Matters.

P.S. If you want more of Erin Boyle her interview with Claire and Erica on their podcast was fascinating to listen to.

Frames by Artifact Uprising


Hi Hart Beat. Now that Pedro and I are finished panting our kitchen we’re working on hanging up some paintings and such around the apartment. Other than some of my moms paintings and a few photographs that I’ve collected over the years, I’m thinking of ordering some of Pedro and my own photographs to hang around our apartment. Enter Artifact Uprising.

I’ve been a fan of Artifact Uprising for a few years now and think that their calendars and cards make some of the best gifts I’ve seen. All of the products that AU makes are both simple and lasting and these frames look like the perfect combination of the two as well. I just want all of them, Hart Beat…

Hannah Hart Beat

Hannah Hart Beat

Hannah Hart Beat

All photos via Artifact Uprising.

For like ever

Hi, Hart Beat. There’s been a lot of love floating around lately. I think it must be summer time. All this love and amorous feelings have me thinking about a great print that some friends of mine used to have in their Greenpoint apartment. At the time I was a single lady living in New York and so had no reason to hang “For Like Ever” in my apartment. But, now that Pedro and I are making moves, I kind of want to get it to put somewhere in the kitchen that I get to revamp this fall. The print isn’t new (it’s been around since 2004) but it gets me every time.




The print is available from Super Rural. Surprisingly, I like the pink the best.


Quinn Vintage and Found


Hola Hart Beat. Last week I came across (still not 100% sure how, probably while I was searching for bedside tables) the BEST Etsy shop I’ve seen in a long, long time. As soon as I saw it I knew I had to share it with you. The shop is called Quinn Vintage and Found, a vintage seller based here in Brooklyn, NY.

Now let’s be real, Hart Beat, in no universe an I afford to spend $500 on a Vintage wood framed circle mirror, no matter how much I want to. That doesn’t mean that I can’t dream about having all of these beautiful, vintage, mid century, one of a kind stylish furniture decorating my three bedroom in Fort Green. Oh Hart Beat, aren’t I hilaaarious. In fact, this vintage/antique furniture looks so good that I would love some more. After discussing this with a friend, they recommended the antiques world website; I will definitely be spending some time on their later…

For those of you who want to join me in this indulgent dream shopping, check out the Etsy account here or you can follow along on Quinn’s Instagram account. Happy day dreaming, Hart Beat!


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Gardening in the city

Hi Hart Beat. How’s your afternoon going? The New York Times just published a piece about a couple in the West Village of the city starting an urban garden. I have so many things to say about this, the first being how is this possible for someone who has zero green thumb?


Apparently the couple started their window and roof growing with just a few tomatoes plants. I never have but I’ve always wanted to check out the Eagle Street Rooftop Farm in Greenpoint. My roof in Greenpoint had so much room and sunlight but (and this makes me sound crazy lazy, the roof was four stories up in a walkup). Now that I’m moving into an apartment with the roof just one flight of staircases up, I think I might need to start trying my hand at growing things.

Even if it’s just some flowers and my lime tree that lives in the Berkshires right now, I would love to get some practice with my horrible green thumb. The article from The New York Times was oddly comforting:

“We didn’t know anything — we used Miracle-Gro,” said Ms. Trueman, 54, who blogs about the politics of food for Civil Eats and writes about climate change for Moms Clean Air Force. “But it changed the way I viewed things in cities. Whenever I was on a high floor, looking down, I would see all this roof space and say: ‘Wow, you could grow so much. There are no woodchucks or deer, no Japanese beetles. And so many things grow so well in containers.’ ”

What do you think, Hart Beat? Would you ever start an urban garden? You can read the full articles here (and thanks to the Times for the wonderful photos!).



A dream apartment in Malasaña

Hola Hart Beat. My five favorite readings from this week are coming up but before that I had to share this apartment with you that my friend Marina sent over to me yesterday. I met Marina four years ago (I can’t believe it was that long ago) when she and I both studied abroad in Madrid. I’ll never forget how we met. Marina just came up and started talking to me on the street and it turned out we both went to small liberal arts schools and were on their respective sailing teams. After I asked her why she came to talk to me. She said it was because I was wearing clogs.


Anyway, when Marina send me this article I almost fell right out of my chair. Not only is the apartment designed in the most amazing way but it’s located in the our favorite neighborhood in our favorite city. On top of that the decoration of the apartment is based on a mediteranian vibe. Pretty much, to sum it up this is the apartment that both Marina and I dream about having. From the location to the decoration, I can’t think of anything more perfect.

“Esta encantadora buhardilla no esté en la costa, sino en el corazón del madrileño barrio de Malasaña. Pero su blanco interior, su decoración en clave natural y su sencillez nos hacen soñar con el sol.”

“This small, lovely apartment isn’t on the cost but in the hear of the Madrid neighborhood Malasaña. It’s white interior, natural theme and simplicity makes use dream of the sun.”

What do you think, Hart Beat? Want to take a spontaneous trip with me to Madrid this weekend? And Pedro, do you want the apartment to look like this? To see all the photos follow this link here (lo siento, the article is in Spanish but good news, the images are not!).



New York City fire escapes

My love for fire escapes in New York

Fire escapes in New York

One thing that I first noticed when I moved to New York three years ago was the presence of so many fire escapes framing each building.

When I moved into my apartment I remember one of things that I loved the most was that two of the bedrooms have beautiful fire escapes that look out over the manhattan skyline. To me, fire works are a way to observe the city outside, even if you’re not lucky or rich enough to have a yard. I remember dancing on my fire escape with my old roommate G. when Obama won for his second term while looking at the Empire State Building colors change to blue.

I was really disappointed then to read an article recently published about how landlords in iconic SoHo and Lower East Side are going to start removing the fire escapes from buildings in the manhattan neighborhood. I guess the reasoning is that now that fire codes dictate that hallways in apartments are fire proof there is no legal reason to have the out dated fire escapes.

To me this is such a loss as what I think of when I think of the city and it’s buildings are the metal scaffolding that coats each building. To be honest, I would be hesitant moving into a place without the easy access the the outdoors in a way only New Yorkers appreciate.

New York City fire escapes

Photo sources: top and bottom.

Brooklyn Apartment Jealousy

Apartments, apartments, apartments. In New York just the word has a chilling effect. One of my favorite things about walking around the city is creepily looking into windows walking by and seeing the both beautiful, huge apartments next to the small, dark places. It may sounds creepy to you non-city dwellers but I know you New Yorkers know what I’m talking about.

The other day I found this great Brooklyn apartment detailed by Refinery29 and I just had to share. THIS PLACE. Ugg, it gives me such apartment envy. The woman who lives there, Lauren Snyder, also owns The Primary Essentials one of the best curated boutique in Brooklyn. She’s been living in this Fort Greene apartment for 10 years and all I want to do right now is drag all of these amazing things from the photos into the room I’m sitting in now. Having an apartment in Brooklyn must be lovely. Think of everything you can do virtually on your own doorstep! This is why many people are willing to sacrifice purchasing a home outright by renting instead. After all, renting can actually be a mutually beneficial arrangement particularly when you have a fair lease agreement in place.

All photos via the Refinery29 website.

Neon light apartment decoration

Hi Hart Beat. Last week I came across this great blog post from A Beautiful Mess and I have to share it with you. I’m always looking for new ideas for my Greenpoint apartment and I think this is going to have to be the next project.

Husband and wife team Emma and Trey (Emma’s one of the sisters being A Beautiful Mess) added this great neon sign to their rooftop deck and give instructions how to do it on their blog. I don’t have a rooftop deck, a hot tub or magazine looking pool parties but, I do have a great Brooklyn apartment and I think it would be great to add this kind of neon sign above my bed like a headboard. Right now I have a great map of Maine but the dynamic sign could be pretty cool. 
The only problem I’m coming across is what word or phrase I want to see everyday… Home? BKLYN? I kind of thing Heartbreaker would be pretty cool. What do you think, Hart Beat? Is this something you would add to your house or apartment? What word would you write?

Thanks A Beautiful Mess for the idea and photos. 

Pillowcases by John Baldessari

Hola Hart Beat. Aren’t these pillowcases great? This spring I decided to give my Brooklyn bedroom a little makeover. I’ve had a lot of the same accessories, bedding and curtains since college and now that I’m 24 I thought it might be a good idea to revamp somethings. I want my room to seem more age appropriate, spring cleaning yo. Since I’m on a budget I’ve been getting most things from BedBath but I found these amazing pillowcases in this week’s New York Times Style Magazine. They are designed by artist John Baldessari and are being released by The Thing Quarterly. I love the photograph and the romantic feeling that it evokes. Since my room is pretty simple I think these would be a great addition. Anyone want to buy me a present?