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Levis, my favorite jeans


Hi Hart Beat! Welcome to another week at work (😑) AND another week at Hart Beat(😀)! Today on the blog I want to tell you about something that I’ve been loving this summer. I don’t know about you, Hart Beat, but jeans shopping is one of the most torturous things known to man. Not only does every company adhere to it’s own sizing standards (wtf) but it also seems that each brand within its own line of jeans will switch up the sizes depending on the style. Not cool, companies. Brands that I love (looking at you Madewell) and who pride themselves on their jeans never really last longer than one season. And when you’re putting down solid money for a pair of pants, you want them to last. This is where my secret comes in…enter Levis, ladies.

Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 8.41.51 PM

I’m not sure when Levis came back on the scene but, like all things I love lately, they came into my life on a recommendation from Pedro. I had always thought of Levis of a brand that had it’s heyday in the 70’s/80’s and then stopped being relevant but, I guess not. I should have known I guess, two of the first posts here on Hart Beat four years ago were for Levi’s ads (see them here and here). Now though, I’ve bought four pairs of Levi’s in the past six months and I love ALL of them.

The best part of buying Levi’s is that once you find your size, you are that size. Forever, in every single style. Buying boyfriend jeans? Use your size. Buying skinny jeans? Yup, use that same size. Vintage Levi? SAME SIZE AGAIN. It’s like magic. I can even buy jeans online now. I never thought this day would come. In the spirit of Levi’s videos, here’s a new one that the brand has put out in honor of their new campaign “Live in Levis.” If this review and video don’t make you want to buy Levi’s then I don’t know what will. THIS IS A SPONSOR FREE POST FOR GOODNESS SAKE, HART BEAT.

Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 2.30.05 PM
Photos from top to bottom: @levis@thebakerygreenpoint, and @kellouhar.
My spring uniform

Spring Uniform, 2015 Edition

Heyyy Hart Beat. How’s your Sunday night going? This afternoon (as I mentioned earlier) I got to see my best friends Marina and Carolyn (formerly known here as C.) for a picnic in Prospect Park. While there I had the biggest shoe envy because Marina was wearing these gorgeous This is Spring peep-toe sandals. As soon as I saw them I had one of those I MUST HAVE YOU NOW moments. Sad times for me (and you if you thought you could see them) is that the shoe is sold out everywhere online. You Rayray, are a trendsetter.

Spring Uniform, 2015 Edition

After searching for an amount of time that I would not like to disclose, I remembered another brand, Avarcas Pons, that I follow on Instagram that has shoes very, very similar to the ones that Marina was wearing. Lucky us Hart Beat, not only these made out of 100% leather but THEY ARE MADE IN SPAIN. Boom done, bought. While I was on this spree I decided to cash in on some gift cards I’ve been holding onto for a little too long and have pulled together my here-forth Spring 2015 Uniform. What do you think Hart Beat? Do you have a spring uniform you’re looking forward to wearing?

Piece 1. The Avarcas Pons (hello Spain) classic style in black.

Spring Uniform 2015 Edition

Piece 2. The Madewell (surprised anyone?) Oceanside Pullover Sweater.

My spring uniform

Piece 3. The Levis (my favorite jeans right now) 501 distressed light wash jeans.

Spring Uniform, 2015 Edition

Photos via the brands BUT the top photo comes from one of my favorite blogs Emma Dime. Read her!

No games this winter

Hey Hart Beat. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving wherever you spent it! I came home to The Berkshires this holiday season and was pleasantly surprised by a huge snow storm that we had on Wednesday and Thursday. The town is completely blanketed in snow and my parent’s house lost power all Wednesday night and Thursday morning!

What this time at home has proved to me is how little I want to mess around this year with the cold weather. As my favorite friends from Norway once said, “There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing.” This winter my fabulously fashionable boyfriend introduced me to a brand that I could not recommend more for winter wear.

Alpha Industries has been around since the 1950’s and makes affordable military grade cold weather gear. Traditionally, the company made flight gear but this year marks their 55th anniversary so there is an entire line of new, contemporary designs on their website. I got the N-38 Women’s Winter Parka for this year and to be honest, I haven’t really taken it off since getting it. The coat has a fleece lined hood, keeps you warm in subfreezing conditions and has breast pockets to keep your hands warm. Just imagine this trendy Madewell coat but less expensive and military grade to keep you really warm.

So if you want to find an incredibly warm coat but don’t want to break the bank, I’ve found the jacket you’re looking for!

Celebrate! Penfield at Madewell!

It’s a great day!!! And it’s not only because today is the first October but because I just got an email notification yesterday that my favorite Madewell will be carrying the amazing brand Penfield this fall/winter! Last year I had my eye on the brand and this year, I am on the hunt for a new winter coat and I think that I might finally have to invest in one of these bad boys…


From top to bottom: 

Lingerie crush: Naja

Let’s talk lingerie, Hart Beat. I’ve featured a few brands on the blog before but, tonight I’m excited to share a great (and affordable!!) brand that I came across a few weeks ago. I cannot remember for the life of me where I came across Naja for the first time but I am so glad that I did. The brand creates beautiful pieces for an affordable cost, I can imagine so many sexy women from websites similar to watchmygf.adult (https://www.watchmygf.adult/) enjoying these beauitful pieces. According to their website, “We did away with fake wind blowing into model’s hair and created a brand that could connect with smart, courageous, and sexy women.” Amen, sister friends, now we can feel like we should be a part of filming a scene for www.videoshd.xxx or the likes for our partners, or even just for our self underneath our clothes.
These ensembles below are my favorites. What do you think, Hart Beat? Do you know any lingerie brands to pass along to this fashion maven?

The Noir Audrey Hi-Waisted panties. (They are only 22 dollars!!!)

And the matching Noir Juliette Bra. That name, Hart Beat.
All photos via the Naja website.

Valentine, the lingerie edition

Hi Hart Beat. I have something excited to share with some of you ladies out there. Over the weekend I was hanging out with some good friends of mine and we got started talking about bras. What else, Hart Beat? My friends were all asking where they could find beautiful, (relatively) affordable lacy bras for small chested women. We all wanted to feel as attractive as the women at www.escortguide.co.uk! While this is not, ahem, something I think about that often, I have an answer for all of you similarly endowed ladies out there. Let’s talk about Valentine!

The lingerie line Valentine was created by two friends Whitney Brown and Paloma Jones. Apparently the two (ex)models bonded over the need for “cool, comfortable, and affordable lingerie – especially for women with smaller busts.” There you go ladies! Straight from the horses er, models, mouth! Of course there are designs suitable for more busty ladies such as Babestations Terrie Hawkes too. They are a brand all about celebrating women of all cup sizes.

Whitney and Paloma now design a lifestyle brand and showcase their work in New York, L.A. and parts of Europe. The line was apparently created from the blog that the two wrote together:

“People featured on the V-blog are asked to share very private details through a series of 10 questions: first kiss, secret affairs, best pickup lines, hidden crushes, bad habits, the first time you said (or heard), ‘I love you,’ the craziest thing you’ve done in the name of love, and more. It’s all part of Valentine’s lofty ambition to revive romance, especially in the lives of hyper-busy young millennials.”

Their site has a great online shop, as well as their baller blog. I love the idea for the collection and where these women are coming from. And that name, Valentine, come on Hart Beat. Can we get a that’s right over here?

All photos curtesy of the Valentine Lookbook.

Feltraiger and the heartbreaker hat

Last year while I was working at Artists & Fleas one of my favorite parts of the job was meeting young, up and coming designers at the market. One of my favorite new brands that sold last spring is the Brooklyn based, American made brand Feltraiger. When they were stationed at Artists & Fleas I was lucky enough to pick up one of the last mens bright blue bee print shirt (pictured in the NYTimes style section this weekend). Founded by brothers Daniel and Jon Feldman, Feltraiger designs with fashion and durability in mind with menswear that can easily be worn by women. I get questions about the bee shirt all the time and I’ve recently updated my collection with this heartbreaker very Hart Beat appropriate hat.

Shop online for the Feltraiger brand or stop by their flagship store on Grand Street in Williamsburg. Happy shopping, Hart Beat.

P.S. G-Eazy get your act together and work with these guys.

The bee shirt.
All photos from the Feltraiger website. Bottom photos from the SS13 collection.

Authentic California from Seavees

Speaking of California, have you heard of the sneaker brand Seavees? I don’t know what it is about this almost spring weather but it has me craving for all things Californian. I was doing some research on the brand for my new job and I just had to share them with you. The story behind the company is so cool and the photos on their website make me drool. You people are so cool! Want to hire an east coast transplant? I’ll learn to surf for you!

I’m not a huge sneaker person (most of my shoes have heels) but, I would totally change my mind for a pair of their 09/65 Bayside Sandals or the 02/64 Baja Slip Ons. Never had I seen sneakers that would work so perfectly with my clothes. They would be perfect for biking around Brooklyn on the weekends.

And the story behind the brand, Hart Beat, it is so good. Seavees was originally founded in the 1960’s as a simple shoe company that predates Vans. The company closed down nine years after their opening and then 40 years after that, in the early 2000’s, a vintage pair of shoes was found by a collector in Japan. The brand was then relaunched, brining back the laid-back surfer vibe of the 60s to todays market. My favorite part f this story is how each shoes is named for a specific date in history with links that range from important days in the beatnik generation to the first Baja Surf Club Invitation in Mexico.

I have so much more that I want to say about Seavees but the last bit of information I’ll give you is the most recent promotion that the brand is publishing. If you sign up for their newsletter now (until when I don’t know) you are automatically entered to win a 1964 Volkswagen Beetle. This beautiful baby below could be yours. But it won’t be, because I’m going to be cruising around Brooklyn in it all summer long. As if I didn’t love you enough, Seavees.

All photos from the Seavees website.

Monday style with Shaina Mote

Hi Hart Beat. It’s Monday so let’s take a look at some outfit inspiration for this rainy, spring day. Since moving to New York one of the biggest differences in my wardrobe that I’ve noticed is the increase in black that I wear. So much black, Hart Beat. I feel like Johnny Cash everyday. While it’s great for keeping clothes simple and my mind on other things, recently I’ve been wanting to step back to my previous favorite wardrobe color, white. Luckily clothing brand Shaina Mote is here to help.

Since the Spring/Summer 2014 collection are so simple I feel like there’s not much that really needs to be said. I love all of the crossed backs in these dresses. I find that kind of style super flattering on most people. So let’s breeze through these simple, yet elegant dresses and shirts on this Monday lunch break. 

So cool lady.

Images via Julia Kostreva’s blog, Shaina Mote’s website.