Two Weeks in Beaujolais, France

Hi Hart Beat!! Bonjour from your Brooklyn living, French traveling blogger. Reporting in for duty while on vacation. Jkjk, I just really miss writing to you Hart Beat! While I’m missing Brooklyn like crazy (and the people who live in it) it’s been amazing to travel through this little piece of heaven in France. For

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The Camino de Santiago this April and May

Hi Hart Beat!! Guess what? I have some exciting life news for you! This is coming at ya fast BUT for the next two months I’m going to be taking some time out of Brooklyn and traveling. For those of you long-time readers, you know that I’ve always had a love affair with the country

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Airbnb Dreams: Madrid

Hi Hart Beat! I have a fun new series I want to share with you! On the heels of my trip to Costa Rica, I’ve decided that while I’m living here in Brooklyn I am going to start scouring Airbnb for the best places to stay around the world. Why? Because I love to travel

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Lucy Rose Laucht

Instacrush: Lucy Rose Laucht

Hi Hart Beat! Like I wrote about the other night, I’m all about escaping this god-forsaken and freezing city right now. Instead of trudging outside into the dark to see La La Land again, I’ve lost myself deep down in the feed of my most recent Instacrush,Β Lucy Rose Laucht aka @lucylaucht. If you like Instagram

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My Week in California

Hola Hart Beat. God am I tired.Β And no, not the kind of tired from being “busy” as the NY Times is always rallying against but the true to the bone, my body is exhausted and achy tired. Why? The answer is simple. For the past week I’ve been bicycling across Northern California to raise money

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To California

Hi Hart Beat!!! Happiest of Fridays! This is an exciting Friday for me since I’m actually writing this post to you from the sky. I’m flying to San Francisco! Starting TOMORROW I’m going to be joining my Dad and about one hundred other riders in Fortuna, CA to start a 340 mile bike ride along

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Hannah Hart Beat

Hasta Luego, Hart Beat!

Hi Hart Beat! Sorry to miss you. My mom and I are HEADING TO THE BEACH! We’ll be gone forΒ a week exploring Costa Rica and I hate to say it but I’m so excited to get out of grey New York and see some color. This picture last year was from Antigua and I’m excited

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Hannah Hart Beat Hudson

In Hudson…

Oh Monday, we meet again.Β This past weekend was the perfect fall weather so Pedro and I decided to take Saturday and go up to visit Hudson, NY. The small town of Hudson is about a two and a half hour drive from our apartment in South Brooklyn, so considering it takes me an hour to

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Dream Trip: Mexico City

Hey Hart Beat! How’s your week going so far? It’s been a busy time this week and I don’t have a ton to write to you this week. Lo siento. I hope you won’t hate me forever, Hart Beat. Today I was to share with you some photos that I’ve been swooning over for a

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