Hannah Hart Beat x Wilt

Wilt and my favorite new sweater

Hi Hart Beat. A few weekends ago Pedro and I took a day trip up to Hudson. Even though we ate some great food and had some amazing drinks, the real reason that we drove up there was to take a photo shoot for the brand Wilt. Wilt is a women’s clothing brand started in

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Hannah Hart Beat

Scarf season is (almost) here

Oh Hart Beat, we can’t deny it any longer, Fall is here. This morning in Brooklyn was the first time that I really felt the brisk weather here for real. While this makes me incredibly sad that summer is now over (and winter is only one season away), fall does bring one thing that I

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Frames by Artifact Uprising

Hi Hart Beat. Now that Pedro and I are finished panting our kitchen we’re working on hanging up some paintings and such around the apartment. Other than some of my moms paintings and a few photographs that I’ve collected over the years, I’m thinking of ordering some of Pedro and my own photographs to hang around

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Of a kind

An opal dream ring, treat yo self

Treat yo self, Hart Beat. Treat. Yo. Self. This post comes at you a little ridiculously since what I’m going to tell you about right now is a ring that costs an entire months rent (at least for me). That’s right. You know what I say to that, Hart Beat? Whatever. Sometimes we want to

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A little note to Everlane

Hey Hart Beat. I just saw something adorable on Instagram and I had to share with you. Yesterday one of my favorite brands, Everlane, shared a letter exchange that they had with one of their customers. The brand posted the correspondence on their Instagram and it’s the most adorable thing I’ve seen in a while. The

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Late to the Kiehl’s party

I feel like I’m late to the game, Hart Beat. During my trip to Cape Cod last week I visited my first Kiehl’s store and now, I’m obsessed. I’m not entirely sure why I never checked Kiehl’s out before this trip but between the simple packaging, the branding, the beautiful stores and the fact that

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The Brooklyn clogs I can’t get enough of

Oh Hart Beat. Let’s admit it, Fall is coming and it’s coming fast. I hate to think about this, especially since all I want to do is move to a tropical beach after my vacation last week. The only good thing about fall is the fashion that comes with it. WHO DOESN’T LIKE LAYERING?? Right? One

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Limited edition MCMC x TALON fragrance

Afternoon, Hart Beat! After the big news I told you this morning, let’s talk about something a little more light.. My favorite perfume company MCMC just announced that they’re collaborating with the jewelry line TALON for a new, limited edition summer fragrance. The scent is based on rose petals, patchouli, Somalian myrrh and amber (those

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Why do you make me feel this way, Madewell?

Hi Hart Beat. Just a quick note from me this morning about how I woke up and wanted to die/cry/storm to my nearest Madewell store to pick up this bag. Last week the brand released its second collaboration with the French designer and brand Sézan. There are so many beautiful shoes and dresses but what

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