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Wedding Guest Dress Help

Hannah Hart Beat

Hi Hart Beat! Long time no talk! How’s your February going? Did you see the news about six more weeks of winter? Woof. Although, to be completely honest I’m not that surprised. It is only February after all. I’ve been writing away the last few weeks (TBH #NoPlanJan was a FAIL) but I still got just about the entire first draft of my book done. This month it’s all about the edits baby.

Aside from the book, there’s been something else distracting me on the internet. And I need your help Hart Beat! I’m so excited because this spring I have a few events (cough weddings) I’m going to and I need suggestions on where to get a dress. Last fall I went to a wedding in Vermont and wore a great dress from Reformation but it’s black and the weddings this year are in the spring so I’m not sure black is the best. Plus, isn’t it bad luck to wear black to a wedding? Halp meeeee.

Hannah Hart Beat

Anyway, since last summer I started doing yoga every day my body has gone through #changes and I’m not sure it’s the best dress anyway for me right now. So, send me your recommendations! Where have you gotten dresses for weddings in the past? I’m not wanting to spend Ulla Johnson money but am looking for something a little more than Asos. I’ve been hitting all my staples like Madewell and Sézane but nada at the moment. Maybe it’s too early? Comment or message me your favorite brands and I will be forever grateful 🙏🏼.

P.S. Both these dresses here are said Ulla Johnson 💸😭.

Love for Coffee Shops

Hannah Hart Beat - Coffee Shops

Hi Hart Beat. How’s your morning (early afternoon) going? It’s a beautiful day here in Maine and I’ve been getting some good writing done here this morning. Since leaving New York there are a few things I miss and one of them, unfortunately, is something that I can’t find here on this small coastal Maine island. I’ve written before here on Hart Beat about my love of coffee shops (No. Six Depot, Propeller, Homecoming, El Rey, Ovenly, Toby’s Estate… okay probably too many) and that is one of the things I miss about Brooklyn.

I’m not sure what it is exactly I love about coffee shops. Is it the smell of the coffee? The people? The Glass Doors which allows you to people watch? I think it’s a combination of the atmosphere, seeing the people, hearing the noises, and writing alone but not being alone. Oh, plus there’s nothing I love more than an extra hot cup of coffee. As you might have noticed, this blog has taken on a new headline and is now “Your Post-Brooklyn Lifestyle Blog”. Wherever I end up this fall all I know is that it has to have a good variety of coffee shops for me to hang out at. I’ve been to many coffee shops over the months/years, but I am yet to see some of my favourite cold brew coffee. As I have become familiar with some of the coffee shop owners, I might just subtly hand them something like a JoeFroyo sell sheet to see if they can order some for their shop. And it’s not everyday that us coffee drinkers want to have a hot drink. Something cold would be nice in the summer months. Personally, I think this would be a great move for coffee shops to make and I get to enjoy more coffee. Everyone’s a winner. With this being said, if you’ve always dreamed of having your own coffee shop, maybe with the help of a coffee supplier Shrewsbury (if you’re looking to start your business in this town), your idea could become a reality.

As a little bonus, when I was in Madrid last month I spent quite a few hours at Café Pepe Botella in my favorite neighborhood Malasaña. If you’re headed to Madrid and need a recommendation that is my number one coffee shop. While I was there not only did I eat enough pan con tomate to feed an entire city but, I recorded about twenty minutes of background noise from the cafe. It was a magical morning and I couldn’t get over the combination of coffee making sounds, the piano music they had on, and the Spanish ladies who were chatting next to me. In lieu of a coffee shop on the island, I’ve been listening to it on repeat while writing here in Maine. Hope you enjoy it too, Hart Beat.

Hannah Hart Beat - Coffee Shops

P.S. There’s another coffee shop noise trick that I wrote about before on Hart Beat. You might like it too.

Photos by me of Café Pepe Botella in Madrid.

Flower Delivery in Brooklyn

Hannah Hart Beat - Flower Delivery in Brooklyn

Happy Monday, Hart Beat! I hope you had a nice weekend in the city. I woke up this morning and was so upset to see the gray rain. What happened, Spring?! What happened to open toe shoes!? So, in spite of this rain and cold, let’s talk about flowers. Better than flowers, let’s talk about delivered flowers.

Delivered flowers? Yup, that’s right Hart Beat. One of the beautiful things about living in New York City is the fact that almost anything can be delivered to you. Food, alcohol, kitchen supplies and yes, beautiful bouquets of flowers. There are a few options for this service in the city but here are a few of my favorites,

  1. Ode à la Rose. La Rose is a Manhattan-based flower workshop that produces breathtaking, unique bouquets. The company has an amazing track record of delivering fresh, stunning, and long lasting bouquets. The flowers in the photo at the top of this post come from a bouquet that Ode à la Rose send to my Brooklyn apartment. They sent them to me about two weeks ago and I only just threw out the bouquet. Another bonus for Ode à la Rose? They not only send you your flowers but they come in a beautiful vase so all you have to do is open the box, snip the bottoms of the flowers, and plot the vase on your kitchen table. Boom, instant flowers.
  2. UrbanStems. I was introduced to UrbanStems by my best friend, Carolyn. For the past two years on my birthday, Carolyn has sent me a beautiful bouquet of flowers to the office. I cry every time. Shout out to Carolyn because you are honestly the most thoughtful friend. UrbanStems has a smaller offering from Ode a la Rose but the simple offerings are more up my ally. I love their cheeky copy too and the site always has the most beautiful photos. Their selection changes all the time, taking into consideration the seasonality of the flowers and what’s going on in current events. For the month of March, Women’s History Month, they had a simple bouquet of lilies that you could send to your friends. It was simple, beautiful, and topical. I love you UrbanStems.
  3. The Sill. Not a super fan of fresh cut flowers? Who are you? Jkjk, you sound like me a year ago. The Sill is a great option for you. Unlike Ode à la Rose and UrbanStems, The Sill sends adorable succulents, ferns, and other house plants in trendy vases. The Sill has a store in the Lower East Side in New York but, you can send plants anywhere in the country. A friend of mine had a baby (two years ago) and as a congratulations I sent her and her husband a beautiful cactus. I mean, when you think of babies you think of dangerous plants, right Hart Beat? Oh young Hannah, you make me laugh.

What do you think, Hart Beat? Have you ever had flowers delivered to a friend or partner? Don’t wait! Try it out today. I promise when you come back to your desk from a long a** meeting seeing something beautiful on your desk really is the best way to make you feel like the queen (or king) you truly are.


Instant Crush: Odeme Nailpolish

Hannah Hart Beat

Afternoon, Hart Beat! Have you heard of the brand Odeme before? I first came across the brand in a small store in my hometown. I was drawn to the beautiful blush boxes and the creative names on packaging first, not even knowing that it was a nail polish brand. I mean, with names like Cinque TerreMaharani, and Cuba Libre it’s hard to ignore the colors. Typical Hannah I took a photo of the display to remember to look up later. Months later, combing through old photos of my dog, I’m glad I did because the discovery of Odeme has been one of the best things to happen this week.

Founded in 2015, Odeme creates accessory collections for the modern woman at home, at work, and at play. With considered design and a fresh palette, our products bring a celebratory spirit — where youthful pop meets timeless femininity — to objects that are both fun and functional.


From the top left clockwise: Cuba Libre, Cinque Terre,  Los Feliz, Maharani, Odeon, and Blanche Sweet.

Other than the beauty of the nail polish colors, the impeccably designed box, and stand out names, the reason I’m a fan of Odeme is because their polish are all “five-free.” This means that each polish is made without the potentially harmful chemicals Toluene, Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, and Camphor. Amazing, right?

Odeme sells ten signature shades all on their website, alongside other cute home goods like nail files and compact mirrors. Check out all of them on their site!

Hannah Hart Beat

Photos via the Odeme site and Catbird.

The Future is Female

The Future is Female

Hannah Hart Beat


Oh Hart Beat, aren’t you happy to be alive right now? I was talking with a friend the other day about how we are to be woman alive right now in today’s world. With Hillary taking place as the presumptive Democrat Party Nominee (!!!) we’re living in a world where we are not only doing what we want, but showing everyone else how it’s done. I’m so proud. I’m so thankful that I can have an IUD to choose when and if I want to have children, I’m so proud to work for two amazing entrepreneurs, and I’m so proud to see all my friends work in whatever they want, without a second thought.

I’ve been feeling so proud of my womanhood lately that not only did I order a “Hillary 2016” sticker for my car (I have seen zero Hillary stickers in this entire election process 😑 ) BUT I also bought the iconic “The Future is Female” shirt which was recreated by the design company Otherwild. The shirt has an interesting history so I thought I’d share a bit of it here for you.

The original “The Future Is Female” T-shirt design was made for Labyris Books, the first women’s bookstore in New York City, which was opened in 1972 by Jane Lurie and Marizel Rios. The photographer Liza Cowan took a picture of musician Alix Dobkin, her girlfriend at the time, wearing it in 1975.

The photo up top is the shot by Jane Lurie taken in 1975. Baller, right? Even more amazing is that Otherwild donates 25% of the proceeds from the shirt to Planned Parenthood. So ladies (and dudes) out there, head on over, buy yourself a shirt and join me in this prideful moment happening around us now.

Hannah Hart Beat


Both photos via Otherwild.

DUMBO & Spring Wolverine 1883 Boots

Brooklyn Bridge

Hi Hart Beat! Happy Tuesday! How was your weekend? Pedro and I hung out in Brooklyn and it was lovely. We took the afternoon to explore a Brooklyn neighborhood that I, sadly, rarely visit. DUMBO, or Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass as I learned in one of my first visits to New York, is one of the most visited parts of the borough. For good reason too. The East River runs right next to you with downtown Manhattan literally looming over you. Plus, both the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan Bridge sit right by, giving some of the most iconic views of the city.

Early this Spring I got a wonderful pair of boots from the Wolverine 1883 collection and I have literally been wearing them everyday. I wore them down to the waterfront and Pedro got these amazing photos of them. This isn’t my first pair of Wolverine and I promise not my last. The pair that I have, the Ella, are part of the Wolverine 1883 spring collection just releasing now. Not only are the boots well made but they have the most amazing details. These bad boys have ZIPPERS ON BOTH SIDES. Game changer. They also have that exact heel size that you want for walking long distances. I love my super tall boots but honestly, I’m too old for that now. I was happy wondering around the cobble stone streets in the Ellas. What do you think, Hart Beat? You a fan of the spring boot?

Hannah Hart Beat

Hannah Hart Beat

Top photograph by me and bottom two by Pedro Rodriguez.


Note: These Woverine 1883 boots were sent to me as a gift by the brand. As always, I honestly love this product and would recommend it to any friend. Thank you for supporting the brands behind Hart Beat.

Daily Routine: Packing for the Day

Hannah Hart Beat

Hi Hart Beat! Welcome to the first edition of a new series on Hart Beat called Daily Routine (or something else in the future when I think of something less #basic). Today the routine is my daily struggle to pack for the day. I live in Bay Ridge which, if you don’t know the borough super well, is right under the Verrazano bridge in wayyyyy south Brooklyn. What this means for my life is when I leave the house at 7:30 in the morning, I don’t get home for at least 12 hours later. I have to cart everything around with me because I can’t just pop home once I’ve forgotten something.

This requires two important things. The first, my trusty backpack from Everlane, and the second is a Baggu tote snuck inside it. I’ve been a fan of the standard reusable Baggu bag since a friend of mine from work bought me one because every day I was always asking people to borrow a tote to cart home my loot from work. The reason I love these little bags are that they are a) tiny when packed into their little cover, b) SUPER STRONG (they can hold up to 50 pounds!) and c) they come in the most adorable prints.

Hannah Hart Beat

For the spring I decided to retire to old bag I’ve used for the last year and buy a new one. Of course as soon as I got on the site I couldn’t pick out just one print so I bought three: the navy stripes, the solid black, and (my favorite) the cheetah print. The beauty of these bags is when you go to work or out for the day you can count on adding anything to your load like groceries, books, and extra layers that you take off the day without having to lug around a second huge bag. What I end up doing is packing my gym stuff in my backpack and then after the gym I fold my work clothes into the Baggu bag to keep them neat.

What do you think, Hart Beat? Do you have a trick for the normal 12+ hour days you stay away from home? Or is this just a Brooklyn/city life situation?

Hannah Hart Beat

Costa Rica Planning: Part I

Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 10.44.39 AM

La la la Hart Beat. This month my mom and I are taking a break from chilly New England and New York City and heading south for a week. Instead of heading to the Caribbean where we have gone the past few years, we’re heading even further south and going to Costa Rica. Perhaps you’re planning to some day go to Costa Rica make sure you enjoy the best of Costa Rica’s nature at Buena Vista Eco Adventure Park and Hotel.
I went to the country for about a month in high school but since I was there for school, I spent the entire time in San Juan and never actually made it to the beach. When my mom asked if I wanted to go now and see the ocean my response was immediately YES YES YES.

In preparation I have a couple of posts for ya but this first one is about a new bathing suit line that I ordered for the trip. Are you familiar with Hackwith Design House?

Hackwith Design House - Hannah Hart Beat

I can’t remember when Hackwith Design House first got on my radar but when last year they announced the debut of their Swim I was up in arms happy. This winter I decided that my five year old Victoria’s Secret bathing suit was finally ready to be retired and in it’s place I decided to splurge and order the knot top and the high waisted black and white panel bottoms.

Hackwith Design House - Hannah Hart Beat

I love them so much, Hart Beat. They fit exactly to size and are so flattering. I remember seeing a few people over the summer on the Cape with high waisted bathing suit bottoms and let me tell you, they are in real life amazing too! I’m not ready to start posting bathing suit photos of me here on ye old blog so I’ll have to let some of the models from Hackwith do the talking for me. I’m so smitten in fact that I think I might order another top like this crazy cool front and back two-in-one top that is new for this winter season.

Hackwith Design House - Hannah Hart Beat

First, second and last photo via @hackwithdesign.

Hannah Hart Beat

Outdoor Voices: The hype is real


Hey Hart Beat! At the beginning of this year I shared with you my three New Years resolutions annnnnnnnd my resolution to dance more is actually going well! As I mentioned I signed up for a series of intro to modern dance with the Marc Morris Dance Group in Brooklyn. It’s going so well and I’ve already started poking around for a new kind of dance to try next. Any takers for this class?

One thing that is really making me love dance is this new workout brand that I’ve become ones eased with. Have you heard of Outdoor Voices?

The brand has popped up a bunch lately. Their founder was selected as one of Forbes’ 30 Under 30 this year and brands like J.Crew, Goop and even Of a Kind are collaborating with them. Even with all that news I’m here to tell you Hart Beat, the hype is real.

I have two pairs of leggings from OV and my first experience with trying them on won me over. Not only do they look as good as they do in the pictures but, the are so comfortable. They’re the right kind of legging that’s tight enough to be a legging but still loose enough to not cut off your baby making parts. I also am obsessed with the fact I can send them off to the laundry mat to be washed and they still come back un-pilled (word?). So there you go, Hart Beat. If you’re having trouble keeping to your New Years Resolution of working out or being active then maybe buy yourself a pair? I don’t know but even if you never leave the couch from binge watching Making a Murderer while wearing them you’ll still be stylish and comfortable.

Hannah Hart Beat

Top photo via Of a Kind and last two by Outdoor Voices.

Hannah Hart Beat x Wilt

Wilt and my favorite new sweater

Hannah Hart Beat x Wilt

Hi Hart Beat. A few weekends ago Pedro and I took a day trip up to Hudson. Even though we ate some great food and had some amazing drinks, the real reason that we drove up there was to take a photo shoot for the brand Wilt.

Wilt is a women’s clothing brand started in 2009 with the idea of creating simple, clean clothing with uneven hems and playful proportions. All of their pieces are made in LA and the brand just launched an amazing fall collection that I was happy to shoot for them (aka Pedro shot for me). Here are a few photos from the shoot.

The two pieces that I love the most, and which are featured in the photos, are the Shirttail Racer Tank Dress and the Easy Pocket Sweatshirt (love that name). Which look do you like the best, Hart Beat?

Hannah Hart Beat x Wilt

Hannah Hart Beat x Wilt

Hannah Hart Beat x Wilt Hannah Hart Beat x Wilt

Hannah Hart Beat x Wilt


Hannah Hart Beat x Wilt

All photos by Pedro Rodriguez.