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Welcome! My name is Hannah Hart and I’m a twentysomething-year-old writing to you from New England. I was born in Western Massachusetts and lived there until I graduated High School. After that, I moved to Lewiston, Maine and attended Bates College. While at Bates I studied Spanish Literature and met some of my greatest friends on this planet. While at school, I needed a distraction from writing my Spanish thesis so I started Hannah Hart Beat as a side project. Five years later the blog is still going strong.

Post Bates, I moved to New York and Lived in Brooklyn for five years. Over those years I worked a number of jobs, all that I loved. I spent a year working at Artists & Flea’s, worked for Brooklyn-based DNA Footwear, and spent three years working in Marketing and Merchandising for the lovely Food52. Currently, I am on leave from Brooklyn and am living in New England. I spend most of my days writing to you, working on a bigger writing project (stay tuned!), and obsessing (probably too much) on what’s going on in the wild west internet world.

For Hannah Hart Beat these last five years have meant different things. As a student it was a study distraction, at times the blog was a way to get over an ex, and when I first moved to the city it was an attempt to become the next New York blogger. Throughout everything, the blog has been a way to update my friends and family (hi mom!) with what I’m thinking about and what I love at the moment.

The lovely part about Hannah Hart Beat is now I get to talk and share with more than just friends and family, I also get to write to you! So whoever you are right now, Hart Beat, I’m so happy to have you here and I can’t wait to see where the blog takes us next.

Please feel free to email me anytime at hannahhartbeat@gmail.com, follow me on InstagramTwitter or sign up for the Hart Beat newsletter. Thank you all for reading!

7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Jill

    Hi Hannah,

    Great to meet you and your website/blog.

    I found you through an NPR interview with Jenny and her reading of “A History of Everything, Including You”. I was on my way to the market / driving, at a red light I grad my yellow notepad and pen and caught her name. I pulled in to a parking spot under the trees at the market and continued to listen to her reading. I cried – so beautiful.

    I found that notepad and finally tracked down what bits of information I had written. It led me to NPR, then Kathrine Diemert, then you! Still need to find Jenny as didn’t have her full name or name of book/how to find it. Thank You.

    I will be back. I live in Eugene OR, but mostly in Portland – Love Portland.
    Best, Jill

    1. Hannah Post author

      Hi Jill,

      So nice to hear from you! The way that you found out about “A History of Everything Including You” was exactly how I found it. I remember sitting in my apartment kitchen listening and not being able to move till it was done. I had to write it all down because I couldn’t find a written version of it anywhere!

      So nice to hear you love Portland! I was just out there for the first time and thought it was one of the best cities. So jealous you live there!

      xoxo Hannah

  2. Bohdan Kuzyk

    nice blog. stumbled on to it accidentally, via pinterest ‘A house by Alejandro Rosuti Kotti in Buenos Aires.’ thanks, everyday Brooklyn very interesting for someone from Melbourne.

  3. Mary Q

    Hi Hannah……. came upon your blog while googling about taking naps. My husband & I are retired. We both
    Enjoy taking a summer nap in the day but I must say I feel a little guilty . Loved that you called taking a summer
    Nap “magical”. After raising 4 children & sometimes helping out with 7 grandchildren I will now consider it a
    Glad you are enjoying Brooklyn. We are originally from the Bronx but have raised our family at the
    Jersey Shore.
    Regards, Mary

    1. Hannah Post author

      Hi Mary! It’s so nice to meet another napper! It’s still one of my favorite things to do and I’m glad summer is here and magical napping with the window is back. Hope the Shore is beautiful this holiday weekend! xx Hannah

  4. Lila Noffsinger

    Hey Hannah!
    It’s so fun to see what your blog has developed into! I remember learning about it when we first met while backpacking through Europe. Where were we when the train broke and we got kicked off in some tiny little town? France? Spain? Regardless, it’s been fun watching you from the sidelines (and cheering you on!), and I’m so excited that you’re still going strong with Hart Beat. Your blog was a contributing factor in inspiring me to start my own! You’re an inspiration and a beauty – inside and out. Keep it up!
    Lila Noffsinger (formerly Lila Carpenter :-) )

    1. Hannah Post author

      Hi Lila!! I was so happy to get these comments from you! Honestly, I had kind of put the site on the back burner but this morning I woke up thinking I should write and then this afternoon I got your message of encouragement! Lady, you are an inspiration. A huge congratulations on your wedding and the blog. I’m going to check it out right now. Keep in touch! Xoxo


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