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On The Line

Hiya Hart Beat! If you follow along on Instagram then you might have noticed I was in Austin, Texas last weekend. It was the last of a very long period of travel (more on that soon, I’m sure) and even though I was so tired of travel, I loved it.

This winter Jenny Lewis announced that she was going on tour this Spring for her new album, On The Line. Some college friends and I decided to meet in Austin for her concert. I had never been to Texas (or the south really) before and jumped at the chance.

Do you know I had to tell three separate people I had to pee in order to get out of random conversations while there? Are people honestly that friendly in the south? Are we really that cold in the northeast? I’m working on an essay about it so enough of that and let’s get down to the good and dirty stuff.

How good was Jenny?

SO GOOD SHE WAS AMAZING AND I LOVE HER. Jesus almighty was she good. That woman knows how to perform and loves it. I went expecting the best and was blown away. If you haven’t listened to On The Line then I’d say get right to it. It’s more Stevie Knicks than The Voyager and less folksy woman than Rabbit Fur Coat, two things I appreciated.

It’s hard to pick a favorite from the album. The one here “Heads Gonna Roll” is the first in the album and the first you should listen to if it’s all new. Personally? I love “Hollywood Lawn” and “On The Line” (BOBBY 4EVER WE WERE TOGETHER) but I don’t want to overwhelm you here, Hart Beat.

Hope you’re having a relaxing weekend. Put some time aside tomorrow or this week to listen to Jenny. And as always (EVEN THOUGH IT’S OUTDATED I’M SORRY) there’s a #famous Hart Beat Playlist you can follow along to on Spotify. Goes waaaaaaaaay back to 2011. Fun times. Hasta mañana!

Lost & Found

Oh! Hi! SWEET BIRTHDAY BABYYYYYY (I know it’s not your birthday but am I the only one who can’t get that god damned line out of my head?) It’s been too long, Hart Beat.

Why am I here again, popping up into your life again, you might be asking yourself. Valid. And it’s okay, I can take the judgment (most days). Well, to be honest, I’m banking on not many people still being here. Long story short is I spend the month of March up in Johnson, VT at the Vermont Studio Center for a writing residency. It was wonderful and scary and horrible and amazing and inspiring and I hated it the first week and loved it the last. Typical. Sounds just like me actually. (#hateschangeloveseverythingelse)

One of the best things to come out of my month-long residency was the realization that as much as I love the GD book, it has lost something in all the edits over the past year. What it lost though thankfully, is not very far. It’s here actually, in the thousands of sentences I’ve written for the past eight years on Hart Beat. I lost my voice. Yea, that’s right, this voice. The one that makes you cringe sometimes but also inspires fan emails (humble brag) pretty regularly. So in an attempt to connect back to what I love about writing, and what you apparently love to, is to start free writing here every morning before I jump into my manuscript.

I’ll try at least. The best made plans you know? So many things have changed since I started writing here in 2011. I’ve been through two major relationships, I’ve graduated college, moved to New York and from New York, become a dog mom, Snapchat came and was instantly taken over by Instagram Stories, fell in love with the one, and decided on a million more little (damn bangs) and big (I’m a writer?) decisions.

I’ll try not to rip content off of my Instagram or the personal essays I’ve been writing. There will be poetry, new music, movie reviews, favorite things, ramblings, and love notes. I can’t wait, Hart Beat. Hasta mañana.