Hi Hart Beat. How are you? How was yesterday? How is today? I’m thinking about you and thought it might be time for a little note to you, my Hart, on this cold Berkshire afternoon.

This time of year always makes us all think, doesn’t it? Thankfulness, gratefulness, happiness, all the ness’s really. I’m thankful for so many things; my family, my health, Teo, this beautiful land, this forgiving Universe.

But this year, in particular, I’m thankful for so much more. If I look back at what I was doing on this day just two years ago I can’t believe how different everything is. If you had asked me then what the chances are I would be happy living with my parents in Stockbridge, dating someone I’ve known since I was four, and finishing a full-length memoir I would have told you to get your head checked by a professional.  Like asap. Like yesterday.

“It feels like we’re becoming the women we always dreamed we would be,” my sister Samantha said to me after seeing her on her twenty-eight birthday last month. It’s stayed with me since then and every day I think to her words and realize how true they are. 

The next four months prove that to me. This December I’m pitching my fully finished memoir to agents. In January and February, I’m traveling to France and Spain on a grant I was awarded this fall to start working on a second book. My boyfriend Matt, who I started dating in July (!!) is coming with me. In March I will be up at the Vermont Studio Center for a month-long writer in residence program—something I’ve dreamed about since 2012 when my mom was a painter in residence there.

This life, Hart Beat. “We are becoming the woman we always dreamed we would be.” There’s not much more I can think of that can make this life any beautiful. For that, and for everything else, I am thankful today, tomorrow, and ever and ever.

Sending you love, Hart Beat. Always.

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