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A Poem for You this June Saturday

Eugenia Loli - Hannah Hart Beat

Afternoon, Hart Beat. How’s your day going? It’s rainy here on the Island so I’ve spent the morning writing up a storm. As a distraction, I decided to do some catching up on my emails from The Poetry Foundation. I’ve written about it here on Hart Beat before but if you’re new, The Poetry Foundation sends a daily newsletter that you can sign up for where a poem a day is emailed to you. The poems are usually seasonally appropriate and I love finding time in my busy day to sit down and read them. If I don’t like them I usually archive the email but, if the poem does hit me, I’ll save it and re-read them throughout the week.

This morning, this poem by Carmen Ginénez Smith came into my inbox and I knew I wanted to share it here with you, Hart Beat. The poem is from 2009 and, as usual, is about this month. I love it. What do you think, Hart Beat?

Photo of a Girl on a Beach
By Carmen Ginénez Smith

Once when I was harmless
and didn’t know any better,

a mirror to the front of me
and an ocean behind,

I lay wedged in the middle of daylight,
paper-doll thin, dreaming,

then I vanished, I gave the day a fingerprint,
then forgot.

I sat naked on a towel
on a hot June Monday.

The sun etched the inside of my eyelids,
while a boy dozed at my side.

The smell of all oceans was around us—
steamy salt, shell, and sweat,

but I reached for the distant one.
A tide rose while I slept,

and soon I was alone. Try being
a figure in memory. It’s hollow there.

For truth’s sake. I’ll say she was on a beach
and her eyes were closed.

She was bare in the sand, long,
and the hour took her bit by bit.


The illustration above is by I think Eugenia Loli. She’s been featured on Hart Beat before and you can read more here.

Miley Cyrus Malibu - Hannah Hart Beat

Love in Malibu, Thanks Miley

Oh Hart Beat, have I found a song for us to obsess over. I’m a little behind the times as this song came out over a month ago but I hope you can forgive me as I was, well you know, walking across a country. Remember crazy Miley Cyrus? Remember the girl who twerked and swung naked on a literal wrecking ball? I think we all do. What has surprised me, and really shouldn’t have, is that our Miley is now out with a new single in which she has completely transformed her image from wild child to country tease. I love it. I mean, don’t get me wrong I loved Miley before but, this new song is pulling at my heartstrings.

“Malibu” came out mid-May and, as Miley has said in interviews, is about her relationship with Liam Hemsworth and their current home in Malibu. I’m going to be 100% honest with you, Hart Beat. I drove to and from Boothbay to Portland Maine and back yesterday and for the two-hour drive, I listened to this song on repeat. I am not exaggerating. That is how much I am loving this song. Let me know what you think, okay?

P.S. THIS VIDEO. I hate her hair and I love it at the same time. Miley, you bring out so many complicated emotions.

P.P.S. If you don’t subscribe to the Hart Beat playlist you should. Miley makes a few appearances.

Top photo via billboard.

Squirrel Island, ME

Squirrel Island, ME

Squirrel Island, ME

Afternoon, Hart Beat! How’s your day going so far? I have a post for you but before it goes up I thought I’d give you a mini update on where I am and what I’m doing right now. It doesn’t seem right to just jump into things without giving some kind of news in my life.

So Hannah, what are you up to right now? I imagine you asking. Literally, right now I am sitting in a coffee shop in Portland, Maine having the first decent cup of coffee since coming back from Spain. Four for you Portland you go Portland (if you don’t get this then watch Mean Girls immediately). It’s cloudy outside and I’m hoping that the clouds pass so I can walk around the old port this afternoon.

More generally right now the big news for me is I’ve left New York for the foreseeable future. It makes me sad that I won’t be going back there for a long time but, I’m also excited about this new change. Lots of you have been pinging me on Instagram asking a, where am I and b, where will I be going in the fall. To be completely honest right now Hart Beat, I can answer a but b is completely up in the air.

Squirrel Island, ME

For the summer, I’m staying with my Grandmother on an island off the coast of Maine. Squirrel Island is a summer community that I used to come every summer of my childhood. My mom did the same growing up and so, it’s a very familiar and comforting place. The island is small, only about three miles around, and it’s just a summer community. This means that the harbor turns the water off after Labor Day and doesn’t turn it on until Memorial Day. There are about one hundred “cottages” aka houses if you aren’t from the Hamptons and they’re all different sizes and various degrees from camping. I like to think of my Grandmothers house like a tree house; part camping part cottage. The other amazing part? There are no stores, cars, or bikes. You have to walk around and if you can’t occupy yourself with books, walking, and sitting staring at the ocean then you probably won’t like it. Lucky me I love all three of those things.

I was out running the other day on the island and it occurred to me that this is the first time in my life that I have no idea what I’m doing next. In March not only did I leave New York but, I left Pedro and I left my job at Food52. I am literally a free agent right now. It’s terrifying. But secretly, it’s also exciting, Hart Beat. I don’t know where I’m going in the fall but, I am taking sales pitches. Samantha gave me a pretty good spiel about D.C. Last night. I also got a good pitch on Toronto this morning on the ferry.

Until I decide where I’m going next I’m going to keep writing to you here, Hart Beat. And I have one favor from you in return. Since I’m not going back to Brooklyn this here blog needs a new tag line. As much as it pains me, this is no longer “Your Brooklyn Lifestyle Blog.” RIP SEO. I need other ideas! Please comment here if you have any… my mind keeps coming up blank for now.

Always, Hannah

Squirrel Island, ME

All photos here were taken by yours truly on Squirrel Island, Maine.


Hart Beat! Hi! Long time no see. As my loyal readers (or new ones hi how are you) may know, I’ve been doing some traveling the last two months. (See the two posts below this one for more deets.) What I didn’t write about, and what may be the most important thing I did this year, was walk the Camino de Santiago through France and Spain. There’s so much about the Camino that I want to write about but, tbh Hart Beat, I’m not sure that this here website is the place for it to live.

Why Hannah?!? You may be asking yourself. It looked so cool on your Instagram! I saw the movie The Way and am obsessed! I read The Alchemist and need to hear more! Well, what I can say to that is one, I’m sorry and two, please stay tuned. I am writing about the Camino right now but I’m not sure where the writing will live and Hart Beat, it may not live here. I promise to keep you updated AND BETTER THAN THAT, I promise that I’m going to start writing here again. I miss you, Hart Beat. There are so many cool things that I’ve found and heard about these last two weeks to tell you about and I’m finally excited to share them with you in a way that I haven’t felt in years.

I know what you’re thinking to yourself right now. I just read this rambling post and there’s nothing for me to take home. Wrong, dear reader. In lieu of a trendy post here are three things that I’ve been loving lately. Hopefully, they will suffice until tomorrow when I come at ya with a very traditional Hart Beat post. Always, Hannah

1. (Late to the game) song by Rihanna from her (new) album Anti. This song has been on repeat while I wrote today.

2. This quote that I screen grabbed from Instagram at the end of last month. Praise be to The Paris Review for adding some intellect to my usual puppy and nail-art creeping Instagram habits.

3. All of the mysteries by Tana French that I’ve been beach reading for the last week (on my Kindle). The first one In the Woods and the second The Likeness are particularly good.