Hannah Hart Beat


Hannah Hart Beat

Hi my Hart Beat. One of the things I love about this time of year is all the new music that is released. This week we were hit by the new Lorde album and today I spent some time with it seeing how our girl has been doing. It was a melancholy day here on the island. I did lots of writing but, the sun has nowhere to be seen these past two days and that’s probably why the song that I loved the most off of Melodrama was the sad “Liability.” Have you heard it yet, Hart Beat? It’s what I’m listening to tonight while I write to you. I hope you like it. And, if it’s too sad you can always go back to our favorite Miley after.

For a great and full-length review of the album see what Craig Jenkins has to say over at Vulture.

Top photo by me from last year.

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