Two Weeks in Beaujolais, France

Hi Hart Beat!! Bonjour from your Brooklyn living, French traveling blogger. Reporting in for duty while on vacation. Jkjk, I just really miss writing to you Hart Beat! While I’m missing Brooklyn like crazy (and the people who live in it) it’s been amazing to travel through this little piece of heaven in France.

For those of you wondering what I’m doing in Europe right now please go back to the previous post for life news and a summary of what this trip entails. Tl;dr lots of walking. For the past two weeks more specifically, I’ve been staying with my mom with family friends of ours who have a vineyard in a tiny town in the Beaujolais valley in central France. The town, Fleurie, is about a four hour drive south of Paris. Honestly, Hart Beat, if heaven is anything less than this I’m not sure I really want to go.

We’ve been spending our days hiking through the mountain sides and our nights playing bananagrams and drinking local wine. I’ve also plowed my way through two books in the Tana French mystery series while inhaling the first season of Jane the Virgin on Netflix downloads.

In lieu of making this post an essay (part of what I try to do here on Hart Beat is keep things brief) here are some photos that I’ve taken over the last few weeks. Some may look familiar (aka already posted to Instagram) but others are exclusive here to ye old blog. Missing you lots, Hart Beat. And stay tuned on the blog. Next stop, Paris!

A side road in Fleurie.

A picnic of pate and fruit on a hike. Tre French.

Ice cream and coffee at Le Terace in Avenas.

The view at 900mt on mount st. Rigard.

Bananagrams and wine.

The new bridge in downtown Lyon.

One of the many working farms through the hillsides.


An outdoor market in Belleville.

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