Will You Accept This Rose?

Will You Accept this Rose? - Hannah Hart Beat

2017 has been the year of new starts and that does not only this apply to my technology choices and bathing routines. I’ve also started watching a new TV show that has circulated in my world for yearssss. Do you watch The Bachelor, Hart Beat?

STOP RIGHT THERE. I know. I know and I’m sorry. I know there are so many things wrong with the show. It’s trashy, humiliating, and poorly made but god is it good. I won’t go into the show last night because I feel like at this point, you know all about it. What I do want to talk about is a great Bachelor podcast that I am currently obsessed with.

Will You Accept this Rose? is hosted by Arden Myrin and Erin Foley who are both L.A. based actors and comedians as well as super Bachelor fans. The podcast has been around for the last few seasons and comes out a day or two after each episode of The Bachelor or Bachelorette airs. They often have great comedians on the show who are also fans so if you’re into the whole L.A. comedy scene that’s always a nice surprise.

The reason to listen to this show? Will You Accept this Rose? is honestly more entertaining than watching the episodes. The hosts Arden and Erin are not funny on their own but they kill the show. They call out all the contestants on all their crap (like Nick’s weird way of eating beignets). They are all vulgar in the best way possible and love the show so genuinely that it makes me laugh out loud every time I listen. I mean, here’s a promo image they made for a live show:

Will You Accept this Rose? - Hannah Hart Beat

What could be more perfect, right? The hosts faces are in the heart that Nick is awkwardly holding! Anyway, do yourself a favor and listen to last week’s episode to prepare yourself for the finale happening this upcoming Monday. You will thank me in about two hours.

You can find Will You Accept this Rose?, produced by Nerdist, on any app that you find podcasts or just by clicking the name here and listening to it on your web browser.

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