Hannah Hart Beat - Red Wine

How much do you spend on red wine?

Hannah Hart Beat - Red Wine

Hi Hart Beat. How’s your week going? We’re half way through, right? I’ve been seeing so many posts, articles, and videos around ye old internets about the price of red wines. So many things have been calling out expensive wines and how unless you really know (and care) how expensive a wine is the taste is honestly not that different from a cheap bottle. Many people can’t actually tell the difference between the cheap and expensive wines that they put in their wine decanter before drinking.

What do you think, Hart Beat? Does that sound right to you? The entire video made me think about the great documentary Somm which was amazing to see. If you haven’t and you like wine I would 100% recommend it. I loved seeing how people become a Master Sommelier and all the work it goes into learning about wine.

Personally, my favorite red wine is always a rioja and when I need to buy a bottle I almost always buy this one. It’s almost at every wine store, it’s mid-level price, and the label isn’t the worse thing I’ve ever seen. Cie la vie.

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