Let’s face it, Hart Beat. There’s a lot out there in the TV universe right now. Too much, honestly if you want my opinion. Every channel has something to offer and now that Hulu and Netflix are making original content, there is even more. So, the question begs itself, what’s my favorite new show on the air right now.

Yes, I’ve seen This is Us, and that’s not it. Yes, I’ve watched The Path, The Mindy Project, and Rick and Morty. All are great TV and I enjoy them all but, my favorite show right now is one that isn’t garnering as much press and so I thought I’d tell you about it. Have you seen Superstore yet, Hart Beat?

The show, starring America Ferrera, is a network show airing on NBC. It’s a half-hour sitcom with a motley cast of characters. The show isn’t big (like The Crown), it’s not slapstick funny (like Silicon Valley), and it’s not star-studded (like Big Little Lies) but, it has so much heart. And that’s why I love it.

Superstore has a similar story line as other office comedies. It’s similar to The Office and Parks and Recs in that way. The show takes place in big, box store and follows the people who work there. There is a store manager and an assistant manager that have a troubling relationship. There are lovable side stories with the supporting cast. And, most importantly, there is a budding romance at the center of the show. America Ferrera plays the lead and has an ongoing flirtation with her co-worker Jonah played by Ben Feldman.

In the show, not crazily dissimilar to The Office, America Ferrera’s character is in a relationship (this time married with a teenage daughter) and Jonah is a single, fun loving guy who is unknowingly in love with Ferrera’s character. I love the relationship between Amy and Jonah. It’s so sweet and innocent that I could watch them talk forever and ever. The show is 100% comfort food and I love it.

Not to gush (okay we’re passed that point) but, the other reason I love the show is that it has reintroduced me to America Ferrera. It’s been years since she was really on my celebrity radar but now she’s all over it. Her Instagram is now my favorite and, I felt like a proud little sister when she announced last night’s episode of Superstore was her directorial debut. This woman is amazing and I love her.

Have you heard of or seen Superstore, Hart Beat? If you haven’t don’t waste any time! It’s on Hulu and boom, your night’s plans have been made.

Photos one and two are of the show and the last (glamour) shot of Ferrera is via her Instagram.

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