Lucy Rose Laucht

Instacrush: Lucy Rose Laucht

Hi Hart Beat! Like I wrote about the other night, I’m all about escaping this god-forsaken and freezing city right now. Instead of trudging outside into the dark to see La La Land again, I’ve lost myself deep down in the feed of my most recent Instacrush, Lucy Rose Laucht aka @lucylaucht. If you like Instagram

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L.A. L.A.

Oh, Hart Beat. It’s cold here. It’s so cold here. It’s so so so cold and miserable here in New York that even The New York Times is writing about how today was one of the worst Monday’s. But, instead of complaining about how frozen my toes are and how slow the subway was this

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2017, Getting Brighter Every Day

Hart Beat! It’s 2017! I have some resolutions that I want to share but what I really just want to put out into the internet tonight is this amazing video. A few things before you watch; One, if you don’t know this is a video starring street style icon and 87-year-old Grandmother slash Instagram star Baddie

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