2017 Resolutions

How and why is it already 2017?? I thought I would be excited for the year but tbh it’s off to a rough start. The weather is bad, a misogynistic crazy and sickening reality TV celebrity is our incoming president, and everyone I know is sick. It could be better.

But, I’m channeling Baddie Winkle and going to try some resolutions anyway. The biggest takeaway I have on resolutions every year is to pick very small, very concrete goals instead of huge grandiose statements. The bigger the goal the more you’re setting yourself up to fail and aren’t giving yourself anyways to actually succeed. It’s a lot easier to plan and accomplish the second than it is the first. For example here are my resolutions in impossible terms,

  1. See my friends more.
  2. Stop being late.
  3. Cook more often.

Impossible, right? Here are my goals translated into actually attainable things.

  1. Text my friends back right away.
  2. Leave 15 minutes earlier than I think I have to.
  3. Cook from one new recipe once a week.

Much easier, right? I’ve started already. Right now I’m making my famous pasta with meat sauce. Not new but, a girl’s gotta try.

Photo I took in northern Spain.

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