For all the readers, NPR’s Book Concierge

Okay Hart Beat. We’re eighteen days till Christmas. How’s that list of yours coming? This year, thanks to god know who because I usually am the person running around December 23rd looking for presents, I have most of my list done. There are just a few people that I’m like huh…. waaaaa…. aka actually stumped. Luckily for me (and you if you’re in the same sinking ship that I am), NPR just released an amazing site to help us all out. They’re calling the interactive, web designed drool inducing page the NPR Book Concierge, Best Books of 2016. Well, they’re actually calling it an App which I’m not really sure is true but hey, who knows what constitutes apps these days.

NPR Best Books of 2016

Anyway. Go to the site! It’s amazing. There are a series of filters on the left-hand side of your screen that you can click and unclick to filter the 300 books that they have fully vetted and reviewed. And, true to NPR humor and wit, the filters are amazing. You can select from the basics like “Staff Picks” and “Nonfiction” but they also have “Rather Long”, “Rather Short”, “Let’s Talk About Sex”, “Ladies First”, and “The Dark Side”. These people get me.

Another thing I love about the site is when you click on a book it gives you a great review and places to buy INCLUDING your local bookstore by using the great site IndieBound. Ug. Love. I’ll be brainstorming other last minute tools that can help you cross friends and family still on your lists. Stay tuned, Hart Beat.

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