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Four Fall Things

Hi Hart Beat! The time that we’ve (at least I’ve) been dreading is here: the end of summer. To make it seem a little less depressing here are four things I’m looking forward to this season.

One. Fall baking.

Smitten Kitchen

On Friday afternoon my all star favorite Deb Perelman aka Smitten Kitchen came to the office to bake us (and Facebook live) her famous Mom’s Apple Cake. I hadn’t made this recipe from her site (since I’m still hung up on this apple granola crisp) but I CANNOT WAIT to go apple picking so I can make both these recipes. I’ve tried to make the apple crisp from store bought apples but honestly, it’s not very good. The apples are always mealy and make the crisp taste like cardboard. Don’t do it! But actually, do it now because it’s almost apple season and then we can all make these desserts/breakfasts together and sit in our cozy kitchens with extra hot coffee.

Two. Fall nail colors.

Hannah Hart Beat

If you know me personally then you know I’ve had a vendetta against nail polish on my fingers for years. I’m changing my tune, Hart Beat. Yes, I hate the maintenance, yes I hate spending the time, and yes I hate the way that nail polish strips my bare nails down to nothing but times they are a changing. The color I have on my nail kind of matches what this photo here and I’m excited to go even darker on the next round.

Three. Fall TV.

Hart Beat

There. Is. So. Much. Donald Glover’s Atlanta (^) on FX. The Night Of on HBO. Season Six of Portlandia on Netflix. Chance with Hugh Laurie aka the new House. Sure there are some great movies coming out but why go to the movies when you can hunker down Stranger Things style and get into a show that you love.

Four. Getting out of New York.

Hannah Hart Beat

As much as I love New York in the fall (some of the best weather the city offers) it’s also the best time of year to spend a day getting out of the city and into the surrounding area. People are always saying that the greatest thing about San Fransisco is how easy it is to get out of the city but I am here to tell you it’s just as easy for us New Yorkers! Connecticut, upstate New York, and even Boston are just hours away plus, Long Island which has some beautiful vineyards and beaches are only a day trip away. Last weekend we went up to Brandon, VT for a friends wedding and it was everything. I mean look at that firewood!!

Anyway, what are you most excited for this season, Hart Beat? Give me some more to add to this list! And no pumpkin latte please, you know why.

My Best Friend’s Wedding & Movie Soundtracks

My Best Friends Wedding

You know that feeling (^ that feeling) when you listen to music you haven’t heard in a while? I’ve been pulling together a playlist for you this month, Hart Beat but to be honest I just keep coming back to the same album. And, to be even more honest, I don’t think it’s one that you really want to listen to.

The movie My Best Friend’s Wedding came out in 1997 when I was the ripe old age of seven. I don’t really remember the first time I saw the movie but because my house was a big fan of Julie Roberts I’m pretty sure I saw it as soon as it came out on tape. It was always my favorite movie to watch with my mom. How can it not be!? Julia is fabulous, the story is gut wrenching, and Dermot Mulroney is my biggest celebrity crush. Still.

So in lieu of a September playlist tonight, I think you should all go back and listen to the soundtrack of your favorite movie growing up. Luckily for me the My Best Friend’s Wedding soundtrack is gold. But to be honest, even if the album is pretty crappy it’s still going to make you feel great and remember watching the movie. I know I can’t help but see Julia Roberts drive a delivery truck in a crop top that can only be described as a non-shirt-shirt after a heart broken Mulroney every time I listen to the song What the World Needs Right Now Is Love. Here are a few clips with music of my favorite movie for your Tuesday night,

The rehearsal dinner part:

The karaoke part:

The part where Mulroney sings and your heart melts:

And the trailer so you can really feel like you watched the entire movie tonight.

You’re welcome, Hart Beat.



Oh Hart Beat. How’s the beginning of your week going? We’re solidly into fall right now and even though it still feels like summer outside in New York I’ve been slowly but surely getting together my fall wardrobe. I feel like 26 year old Hannah officially cannot wear my college clothes anymore. Not only are they horribly out of fashion but they are worn past the point of no return. So, this month I’m starting to pull together some pieces that not only are 26 year old appropriate but material that will last more than a year (looking at you H&M).

Reformation was the first brand on my search for new fall clothes. I’ve been pulling looks I like together on this Pinterest board and Reformation hits all the levels. Not only are the clothes gorgeous but they both fit like a glove AND the company is environmentally friendly. They are transparent that they’re not 100% sustainable quite yet but are working on it and every piece that they make works toward that goal. You can read all about it on their site here.

So all that being said, here are the pieces that I have in my cart right now (other than that Reese Top in the photo above.)

The Trice Skirt

Mable TopReformation

Ollie TopReformation

The Calor TopReformation

poetry foundation

Poetry for the fall


Hi Hart Beat. How’s the start of your month going? This summer I (and it seems like the rest of Brooklyn) read the novel Sweetbitter. One of best parts about the book though, which I wrote about earlier, was the discovery of the author Stephanie Danler on Instagram. The reason? She posts the most beautiful poems.

The poems Stephanie posted got me thinking about how I want to read more poetry but it’s hard! There are so many poems and poets in the world and I never know how to find them. Such good timing because my best friend Samantha forwarded me a poem from the Poetry Foundation last week. The poem was so moving that I started poking around their site and signed up for their Poem of the Day email program. It’s amazing, Hart Beat. Every day the foundation emails you a poem right to your inbox. Getting one poem a day is perfect because it is enough to digest without getting overwhelmed all the while discovering new poets that I’ve never heard of. You can sign up for poem of the day on their site here. Happy reading, Hart Beat.

Late Summer
By Jennifer Grotz
Before the moths have even appeared
to orbit around them, the streetlamps come on,
a long row of them glowing uselessly

along the ring of garden that circles the city center,
where your steps count down the dulling of daylight.
At your feet, a bee crawls in small circles like a toy unwinding.

Summer specializes in time, slows it down almost to dream.
And the noisy day goes so quiet you can hear
the bedraggled man who visits each trash receptacle

mutter in disbelief: Everything in the world is being thrown away!
Summer lingers, but it’s about ending. It’s about how things
redden and ripen and burst and come down. It’s when

city workers cut down trees, demolishing
one limb at a time, spilling the crumbs
of twigs and leaves all over the tablecloth of street.

Sunglasses! the man softly exclaims
while beside him blooms a large gray rose of pigeons
huddled around a dropped piece of bread.

Flower photo by @mansurgavriel.

All that glitters is demin

Hannah Hart Beat

Hey Hart Beat. September is hereeee!! As as much as I want to deny it it means that fall is upon us and we can no long er use the oppressive heat for not dressing up to New York City level. I mean I’ve been getting emails about capital F Fall Fashion for a few months now but it’s only just occurring to me to start looking at what the cool kids are actually wearing. My first report: denim. is. everywhere.

Between creeping/not creeping (depending on your definition) on other women on the subway train, scrolling through Instagram or pinning to my hearts content on Pinterest all I see is a sea (ha) of denim. Even Madewell did 24 days of denim this August to prepare us all for the fall weather. These are the things I’m seeing around and where you can find them too,

  • Embroidery. I don’t know where this started but I like it. Words, flowers, and designs are everywhere on denim pants and jackets right now. Our DIY friends at a pair and a spade show you how to do it here and if you’re interested in buying Asos has some cool things.
  • Cropped and frayed hems. Denim pants are now being cut all kinds of ways to show the frayed hems of the pant. The one detail I’m loving is people are cutting the front part of the hem shorter than the end so that it kind of reveals a box look. It’s kind of sexy, Hart Beat. I did it to one of my older pair of pants and I have to say it’s pretty flattering. If you don’t want to wreck any of your favorite jeans Need Supply Co. is selling jeans with the pre cut look.
  • Denim tops (paired with jeans). Ahh, the old Texas tuxedo has made it’s way to New York and people are liking it. My southern friends should be proud. The tops I’m liking come from Madewell and Asos.


Top photo via tumblr and I wish I knew where that jacket was from, sorry :( and bottom photo via Madewell.