Summer Week

Hannah Hart Beat Summer week

Oh Hart Beat, it’s my least favorite time of year!! The end of summer is here in all it’s sun setting early and tomato busting glory. Even though it makes me so sad I think this week will actually be okay because it is Summer Week for Food52. Every year the Food52 office closes down for the week before Labor Day to give all of us a good rest before holiday season descends. So what does that mean for me and my life? I’m going to try to take a whole week to RELAX.

I’m going to the Cape for a week with family and I’m so excited to take a break from work, from the city and spend some time getting my mind ready for the Fall and stress of the holidays at work. This past month has been hard (I’ll tell you about it soon I promise) but this week is going to be all about rest. In fact, right now I’m sitting on my mom’s couch eating cookies and watching The Princess Bride. It’s pretty much heaven on Earth. So Hart Beat, expect some posts coming from me this week as I wrap my head around this whole relaxation thing. I miss you! I have so much to share! Talk to you soon.

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