Sally Nixon: What we do when no one is watching

Sally Nixon

Browsing the interwebs last night I came across a gem of an illustrator. Have you seen the work by Sally Nixon? I hadn’t but as soon as I saw her illustrations of women in every day moments I knew she needed to be shared here on Hart Beat. Each scene calls my name one hundred million times. I love that in each illustration is a woman (or sometimes many) so clearly in her own thoughts while doing something as personal and mundane as brushing her teeth in the shower. I have never seen these moments called out and, to be honest, I wish I did.

The whole series to me seems like the antithesis of Instagram right now. Instead of showering our feeds with “don’t I live such a charmed and privileged life” wouldn’t it be great if we could see more scenes like these?

If you’re interested in more info about the artist check out Habit & Heart’s great interview with the Little Rock based Nixon.

Sally Nixon

Sally Nixon

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All illustrations by Sally Nixon.

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