Sally Nixon: What we do when no one is watching

Browsing the interwebs last night I came across a gem of an illustrator. Have you seen the work by Sally Nixon? I hadn’t but as soon as I saw her illustrations of women in every day moments I knew she needed to be shared here on Hart Beat. Each scene calls my name one hundred million

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Dream Straw Hat

Morning, Hart Beat! Thankfully for you, me, and all the other hot hot hot New Yorkers out there the weather has broke! That dreaded humidity that was bearing down on us is gone and we can finally leave our apartments and BREATH. To celebrate I wanted to share a summer straw hat from United by Blue

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Sweetbitter, poetry and Stephanie Danler

Hi Hart Beat. Have you read Sweetbitter yet? It’s one of the books I keep seeing on the train in Brooklyn and for good reason. I’m not going to go into a detailed review here but my friend Sarah over at Food52 wrote a great write-up that I stand by. One thing that Sarah pointed out

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Summer Want List: The Blush Diaries

Hiiiiii Hart Beat! It is hot hot hot here in Brooklyn. I mean, of course it is, it’s July. We’re in the weeds of summer and other than escaping to Rockaway or the Berks every weekend I’ve also been day dreaming of a cool, bright and airy apartment. So, in that vain here are a few

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