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Sally Nixon: What we do when no one is watching

Sally Nixon

Browsing the interwebs last night I came across a gem of an illustrator. Have you seen the work by Sally Nixon? I hadn’t but as soon as I saw her illustrations of women in every day moments I knew she needed to be shared here on Hart Beat. Each scene calls my name one hundred million times. I love that in each illustration is a woman (or sometimes many) so clearly in her own thoughts while doing something as personal and mundane as brushing her teeth in the shower. I have never seen these moments called out and, to be honest, I wish I did.

The whole series to me seems like the antithesis of Instagram right now. Instead of showering our feeds with “don’t I live such a charmed and privileged life” wouldn’t it be great if we could see more scenes like these?

If you’re interested in more info about the artist check out Habit & Heart’s great interview with the Little Rock based Nixon.

Sally Nixon

Sally Nixon

Sally Nixon 7329b776ff2ad8c2e44cdcb76abcd225 Sally Nixon Sally Nixon

All illustrations by Sally Nixon.


Is this what I should be spending my time on right now?


Oh what a question. Right, Hart Beat? One of the things I struggle with day to day at work, at home, writing this blog, riding the train and yada yada is how to prioritize. My mind works at one thousand miles an hour and multi-tasking isn’t a skill, it’s something I inherently do. All in all this is a great thing for my career and general well being but, at times (often crucial deadline times), it can be not a help but a hinderance.

Working on this blog for instance. I often will sit down to write a post, realize I need an image to begin the post, go to Pinterest for inspiration and then spend the next hour just browsing rando Pinterest boards. Fun? Yes. Helpful? Ehhhh. Not UN-helpful but maybe not the most important thing I could be working on. This happens at work too, I’ll be going through my email and get a calendar pop-up notification. This will then spiral me onto my calendar, then onto a doc I have to prepare for another meeting next week. Boom. I’ve successfully derailed something important (like answering urgent emails) to something important but not THE thing I should be looking at that moment.

Enter the question, Is this really what you should be spending your time on right now? I’ve started asking myself this question any time I start a new task. Whether it’s working on a project for two months from now to deciding what to do before I head out to work I’m asking myself to really think about how I’m spending my time. So far so good. I know there are other tips out there too, though. You got any, Hart Beat?


Dream Straw Hat

Hannah Hart Beat - hat

Morning, Hart Beat! Thankfully for you, me, and all the other hot hot hot New Yorkers out there the weather has broke! That dreaded humidity that was bearing down on us is gone and we can finally leave our apartments and BREATH. To celebrate I wanted to share a summer straw hat from United by Blue that I’ve had my eyes on all season. July is still going strong so I don’t think it’s too late to make the buy. Right, Hart Beat?

Pedro is always poking fun of me for my “silly ass hats” but I don’t care. I love them. Over the years I’ve picked up two or three but have yet to have a straw one. Pinterest over the past for days has been serving me some pretty inspiration/aspirational/pinterestable images to support my want of this hat. (See below for swoon worthy image.) Let me know if you want to join me in this purchase today…

Straw hat in Paris.

Sweetbitter, poetry and Stephanie Danler


Hi Hart Beat. Have you read Sweetbitter yet? It’s one of the books I keep seeing on the train in Brooklyn and for good reason. I’m not going to go into a detailed review here but my friend Sarah over at Food52 wrote a great write-up that I stand by. One thing that Sarah pointed out that I too loved about the book was how it read like poetry. And, that is why we’re here.

I started following the author Stephanie Danler on Instagram through a friend of a friend who used to work with her at Buvette. I am so glad I did. What I love about Stephanie’s Instagram is that she screenshots and shares some of the beautiful poetry that she’s reading. Reading these poems I can hear her voice in Sweetbitter and it is such a lovely partner to her novel. It’s such a beautiful respite when scrolling through the usual live envying and mouth watering photos that fill most Instagram pates (mine included).

Here are five of my favorite poems that Stephanie has posted over the year,

Hannah Hart Beat -5

“I Did Think, Let’s Go About This Slowly” from “Felicity” by Mary Oliver

Hannah Hart Beat Sweetbitter

“Letter to my Twenty Three Year Old Shelf” from “Our Andromeda” by Brenda Shaughnessy

Hannah Hart Beat Sweetbitter

“Before Morning in Perugia” by Jack Gilbert

Hannah Hart Beat - 3

Sadness by Dorothea Lasky

Hannah Hart Beat Sweetbitter 4

“The Shampoo” by By Elizabeth Bishop the Norton Anthology of Modern Poetry

Top photo via


Summer Want List: The Blush Diaries

Hannah Hart Beat

Hiiiiii Hart Beat! It is hot hot hot here in Brooklyn. I mean, of course it is, it’s July. We’re in the weeds of summer and other than escaping to Rockaway or the Berks every weekend I’ve also been day dreaming of a cool, bright and airy apartment. So, in that vain here are a few things that I have on my summer wish list. Oh, and did I mention I’m obsessed with the color blush?

Stonewashed linen sheets from Hawkins New York at Food52

Naked color nail polish from Deborah Lippman.

The bucket bag that has been on my wish list for about six months now. In rosa obviously 💃

My favorite copper and white metallic Berkinstocks. (I have these but they’re worth mentioning because they are honestly SO COMFORTABLE.)

This blush jumpsuit. Too much? Not enough?

Top photo via tumblr.