To California

Hannah Hart Beat

Hi Hart Beat!!! Happiest of Fridays! This is an exciting Friday for me since I’m actually writing this post to you from the sky. I’m flying to San Francisco!

Starting TOMORROW I’m going to be joining my Dad and about one hundred other riders in Fortuna, CA to start a 340 mile bike ride along the cost of California. When I was younger, I used to go bike riding with my dad and it was way different than it is now. He said he used to sing songs to me to encourage me to ride. And now look at us today, raising money for charity together! Crazy, right? We’re all raising money for Climate Ride and for info on the ride, the organizations I am fundraising for and just more general info check out my rider profile on the Climate Ride site. It’s an intense five day ride along the coast and I am so excited/nervous/not wanting to think about it right now. Especially the fact that we’re riding 60+ miles a day and camping out every night. I love the idea of camping but the though of pitching a tent and starting a fire after riding my bike for 8+ hours tires me now on this plane…. The ride will follow the Pacific and the last day the hundred riders will coast over the Golden Gate Bridge into San Francisco.

What I’m hoping from YOU is recommendations of things to do, places to eat, coffee to drink, Instagram shots to take the weekend after the ride when I’ll be spending time in San Francisco. If you’re a loyal reader of this blog you’ll know almost four years ago I “moved” to San Francisco. I say moved like that because what I really did was buy an impulsive one way ticket to SF with no job or life plans. I was out there about a week when I realized what a horrible idea it was and promptly moved to New York. In retrospect I’m glad I did what I did but I’m also excited to go back west on just a vacation without the stress of making a life altering decision.

So comment away here for recommendations and keep up with my Instagram for shots of the ride. See you in CA, Hart Beat!

P.S. This New York vs. San Francisco is on my mind today.

Photo by @johnthatcher.

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