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Hi Hart Beat. Let’s talk about eyebrows. The idea for this post came a few weeks ago when a friend of mine from work praised the magic of the famous Glossier Boy Brow. The idea of it sounded amazing. What it is is kind of like a mascara for your eyebrows. You brush it in and it fills up the brow while setting it in place. Sounds perfecto, no? I ordered the Boy Brow and immediately started using it and telling all my friends. I even have a draft here in the backend of the blog praising the product.

BUT, this past week I decided to splurge a bit and visit the Of a Kind praised eyebrow expert Sania to see if she could spruce them up a bit. I’ve dabbled in different eyebrow places and upkeep trends since moving to New York. For a while I was obsessed with threading at this cheapo place in Williamsburg. Then I found my way to Boom Boom Brow Bar in the West Village. There I let them pluck and tint my brows to a better arch. It was pretty good but I got tired of looking like a muppet for the first few days while the tint relaxed a bit. Enter Glossier and the Boy Brow which has been the latest fourré in eyebrow maintenance.

As soon as I walked up the stairs to Sania’s enormous and beautiful loft space studio I was like, daaaaaaaamn. If this place doesn’t breath the air of “we know what we’re doing” then I don’t know what does. I mean, if Rihanna and SJP trust their eyebrows to Sania then you know you’re in a swanky well praised place. When I sat down and Sania (in the flesh) took one look at my brows she was like stop everything you’re doing. She told me the following,

Stop the Boy Brow yesterday and don’t put anymore crap in your brows. The lotion/mascara/tint thing you’re doing is pulling out all your follicles and killing any growth you thought you were doing.

She then went on to pluck lots of strays while telling me it will take a bit to get to the perfect brow she knows I want. The main point she kept honing down on was to avoid your brows like the plague. “If you wouldn’t put it in your scalp, then don’t put it in your brows.” Well said, Sania.

She did tell me that the one thing I can put in my brows to fluff them our are natural brow pencils. It’s a good alternative to the permanent makeup supplies that some of my friends like to use, I’m not quite ready to make that jump yet so until then I just wanted to see what she had. Lucky for me she had something right up my street. (She sells a baller pencil that I bought and am now obsessed with.) I can promise, my eyebrows look fuller even after a few days of pretty much leaving them alone.

TL;DR? Don’t put any shit in your eyebrows. Go visit Sania if you feel like you need more assistance.

Do you have any eyebrow tips you want to pass along?

Photo via tumblr.

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