A Kitchen Accessory

Hannah Hart Beat

Hi Hart Beat. Happy Saturday!!! It’s starting to be my favorite time of the year in Brooklyn and every day I am so happy to wake up with the windows open and the breeze blowing through the curtains. Last night Pedro and some friends of ours had the best night in Red Hook and I think I’m going to take a bike ride over there today. But first coffee.

A few weeks ago I broke down and finally bought another not so necessary but adorable still kitchen accessory. These little Dansk butter warmers are everywhere on food and style blogs (including Food52). I’d never seen anyone actually using the butter warmer (how often do people heat butter) but since buying it I can attest that I use it almost every day. Am I really warming that much butter? Nope. But I do heat my milk before pouring it in my coffee and for that task, the little Dansk pot is perfect.

It holds enough milk for two cups of coffee and the wooden handle makes it super easy to grab and pour. Obviously it looks adorable on my kitchen shelf too… Hope you’re enjoying a hot cup of coffee right now too, Hart Beat!

Hannah Hart Beat

P.S. Pitcher, candles, candle stick holders, and butter keeper all from the Food52 Shop.

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