Orange Nails, Do or Don’t?


Happy Fridayyyyyyyyy, Hart Beat! We did it. To celebrate Friday-eve last night after Barr class I decided to treat myself to a post-workout pre-weekend manicure. To be honest, Hart Beat, before this year I had never had a manicure. I love me a good pedicure but manicures just looked so high maintenance and dependent on picking a baller color that I just stayed away.

I don’t know what happened this year but all I’ve been noticing on the New York subway and Instagram lately has been all the different nail colors. The one that has kept my attention this spring is the weird orange color you can see above. And! Guess what! That’s me! Those are my nails. I took a took the gamble last night and now I’m lovin’ them (in a non Ronald McDonald kind of way).

What do you think? It’s a very strong color and to be honest I didn’t love it at first but I’m whooooooof it’s pulling at my heart strings this morning.

I know the manicure can only last week with my lifestyle so I need help! What’s the color your seeing on everyone right now?

Hannah Hart Beat

Photography by Pedro Rodriguez for Hannah Hart Beat.

P.S. Mug from the Food52 Shop and my rings I’ve written about here!

2 thoughts on “Orange Nails, Do or Don’t?

  1. Leah

    Love that color! A bright poppy orange is my jam (I’m currently wearing a similar shade on my toes). My picks for the summer are pale pinks, canary yellow, and coral.

    1. Hannah Post author

      You always rocked this color, Leah! You were ahead of the game at Bates. I think I might have to try canary yellow now!! Miss you xoxo


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