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A Few Things, Tuesday Afternoon Editon

Hi Hart Beat. It’s Tuesday afternoon and I am STRUGGLING. STRUGG-U-LING. As some solace, because you too are probably feeling the nap need coming to you, here are a few images that I’ve been loving and finding inspiration in lately. WE CAN DO THIS.

Hannah Hart Beat

This ^^ building La Muralla Roja by the architect Ricardo Bofill in Calpe, Spain.

Hannah Hart Beat

These ^^ Spring lookers from the Portland Apothecary’s newsletter.

Hannah Hart Beat

This ^^ Grand Acrobate c. 1952 by Henri Matisse that creeped (in a great way) into my Instagram feed.

Hannah Hart Beat

These ^^ photos by Alice Gao from the Everlane Open Office events last week.

DUMBO & Spring Wolverine 1883 Boots

Brooklyn Bridge

Hi Hart Beat! Happy Tuesday! How was your weekend? Pedro and I hung out in Brooklyn and it was lovely. We took the afternoon to explore a Brooklyn neighborhood that I, sadly, rarely visit. DUMBO, or Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass as I learned in one of my first visits to New York, is one of the most visited parts of the borough. For good reason too. The East River runs right next to you with downtown Manhattan literally looming over you. Plus, both the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan Bridge sit right by, giving some of the most iconic views of the city.

Early this Spring I got a wonderful pair of boots from the Wolverine 1883 collection and I have literally been wearing them everyday. I wore them down to the waterfront and Pedro got these amazing photos of them. This isn’t my first pair of Wolverine and I promise not my last. The pair that I have, the Ella, are part of the Wolverine 1883 spring collection just releasing now. Not only are the boots well made but they have the most amazing details. These bad boys have ZIPPERS ON BOTH SIDES. Game changer. They also have that exact heel size that you want for walking long distances. I love my super tall boots but honestly, I’m too old for that now. I was happy wondering around the cobble stone streets in the Ellas. What do you think, Hart Beat? You a fan of the spring boot?

Hannah Hart Beat

Hannah Hart Beat

Top photograph by me and bottom two by Pedro Rodriguez.


Note: These Woverine 1883 boots were sent to me as a gift by the brand. As always, I honestly love this product and would recommend it to any friend. Thank you for supporting the brands behind Hart Beat.

Simple Matters

Hannah Hart Beat

Hi Hart Beat! Happy Sunday! Pedro and I have been playing it low key this weekend so I’ve been spending lots of time going through books that I’ve got piled up all over the apartment. One book that I read in February that I keep finding myself being drawn back to has been on my mind in need of a post for months. Have you read Simple Matters: Living with Less and Ending Up with More by Erin Boyle yet?

I was drawn to the book after this blog post by Erin on Cup of Jo. After reading Erin’s 14 tips for living in a small space, I started reading Erin’s blog Reading My Tea Leaves daily. Lucky for me right around this time Erin’s book Simple Matters came out and I was able to purchase it immediately. The book, like Erin’s blog, is all about finding simple and elegant ways of living with less in this heavy materialistic world. The inspiration for Erin’s book (and blog from what I’m understanding) is the teeny, tiny spaces that she and her husband, and now baby, have lived over the years. Currently Erin, her husband and their daughter live in a 500 square foot apartment in Brooklyn. Pedro and I live in an apartment bigger than that! I would be lying if, more than the famous Marie Kondo book, Simple Matters has changed the way that I live my life.

Hannah Hart Beat - Simple Things

Simple Matters is broken into nine sections: decluttering, simplifying, organizing, decorating, bath & beauty, getting dressed, cooking & entertaining, cleaning, and thriving. In these sections, Erin writes about how instead of filling our lives with lots of cheap things that we don’t really like, we should surround ourselves with well made, long lasting objects. And, more importantly, only the objects that we really need.

Far from lacking sentimentality over the things in my house, I actually feel a kind of reverence for them. They’ve been carefully chosen and considered. When I think about adding a new thing to my home, I think first of its beauty, second of its utility, and finally of its staying power. Objects that have a timeless appeal are my favorite things: a set of linen napkins, white plates, wooden spoons.

The book is full of tips like this and so many of them have changed the way I think about my apartment and my things. This post about not buying any beauty products until all of the ones I already own are finished was directly inspired from Simple Matters.

Hannah Hart Beat

Hannah Hart Beat

Hannah Hart Beat - Simple Things

So if you find yourself looking for a little spring cleaning kick, you hated Marie Kondo’s book and found it completely overwhelming, or you just want something pretty to look at while drinking your morning coffee, I highly recommend Simple Matters.

P.S. If you want more of Erin Boyle her interview with Claire and Erica on their podcast was fascinating to listen to.

Daily Routine: Packing for the Day

Hannah Hart Beat

Hi Hart Beat! Welcome to the first edition of a new series on Hart Beat called Daily Routine (or something else in the future when I think of something less #basic). Today the routine is my daily struggle to pack for the day. I live in Bay Ridge which, if you don’t know the borough super well, is right under the Verrazano bridge in wayyyyy south Brooklyn. What this means for my life is when I leave the house at 7:30 in the morning, I don’t get home for at least 12 hours later. I have to cart everything around with me because I can’t just pop home once I’ve forgotten something.

This requires two important things. The first, my trusty backpack from Everlane, and the second is a Baggu tote snuck inside it. I’ve been a fan of the standard reusable Baggu bag since a friend of mine from work bought me one because every day I was always asking people to borrow a tote to cart home my loot from work. The reason I love these little bags are that they are a) tiny when packed into their little cover, b) SUPER STRONG (they can hold up to 50 pounds!) and c) they come in the most adorable prints.

Hannah Hart Beat

For the spring I decided to retire to old bag I’ve used for the last year and buy a new one. Of course as soon as I got on the site I couldn’t pick out just one print so I bought three: the navy stripes, the solid black, and (my favorite) the cheetah print. The beauty of these bags is when you go to work or out for the day you can count on adding anything to your load like groceries, books, and extra layers that you take off the day without having to lug around a second huge bag. What I end up doing is packing my gym stuff in my backpack and then after the gym I fold my work clothes into the Baggu bag to keep them neat.

What do you think, Hart Beat? Do you have a trick for the normal 12+ hour days you stay away from home? Or is this just a Brooklyn/city life situation?

Hannah Hart Beat

Four Apps I Use Every(ish) Day

Hannah Hart Beat Apps

Morning Hart Beat! What apps we all have on our phones apparently can predict how old we are, what gender we are, and how much we make at work. Creepy right? What I got after taking said quiz was I basically had none of the apps listed on my phone. It got me thinking, what do I keep on my phone. I won’t list all of them but here are my four most used apps in the last few weeks. You have any of these, Hart Beat?

But first, if like me, you use your smartphone to download and play apps, as well as for streaming or social media, it is vital that you take measures to protect your device from hackers. We live in a time where online security threats are a very real concern, so it is important that you are careful when using your smartphone to connect to the internet. One way to protect your data from cybercriminals or other prying eyes is by using a virtual private network. To learn more about the benefits of using a VPN and some background information about the rumoured five-eyes country alliance, go to Ultimately, when it comes to online privacy and security, you can never be too safe!

Ham Lottery App
= Reminds and helps you enter in the daily Hamilton the musical lottery.

That’s right, this app’s one job is to help you enter the daily Hamilton lottery to win same day tickets. I’m sure you like me, Hart Beat have been obsessed with the AMAZING MUSICAL MAGIC that is Hamilton. If not then stop right now, don’t finish this post, and listen to the official cast album. When I realized my my life would not be complete until I saw this musical live on Broadway I had a slight heart attack when I realized tickets are sold out into next Holiday season and sit at prices like $200 per ticket. After realizing this I did some digging and found that shoe does a daily lottery for 21 same day front row tickets which are sold for $10 each. The catch to the lottery is that you have to enter each day.

And that’s where Ham Lottery App comes in. Besides having the icon of a hilarious cartoon ham, the app sends you a notification every day when the lottery opens and lets you easily enter. MY FINGERS ARE CROSSED EVERY DAY AT 11AM.

= Makes it insanely easy to edit photos on your phone.

I like Instagram, Hart Beat. And as much as I love my actual real life camera, I definitely take my photos for Instagram on my trusty iPhone camera. What that means is most of them need a little doctoring up and that’s where VSCO comes in. The app has hundreds of pre-made filters that you can download to find the exact amount of contrast, coloring, shading, and highlighting that you want. Additionally, you can manually edit each photo if you want it to look juuuuuust right. I use it all the time that I don’t even know what filters Instagram actually has now.

= Now listening to public radio the most enjoyable and convenient thing in the world.

NPR rules my life and WNYC runs my morning routine. As soon as I wake up in the morning I turn the radio on and it’s really not until late in the afternoon that I turn it off. As soon as I get back home it’s on again. Let’s just say that I pretty much never turn it off. For years I had an old radio that used to be in the kitchen when I was growing up but in my move down to Bay Ridge, it stayed back in Greenpoint to keep Samantha company now that I don’t live there anymore. In it’s absence I’ve come to love the NPR One app. It’s basically pandora for raidio and podcasts. The app first asks you to pick a public radio station that you prefer (WNYC is New York’s public radio) then the app plays a stream of national, local news stories with podcasts mixed into the stream. It learns what kinds of stories you skip over and what you “fave” and uses this information to play more stories that you’ll like.

What I love about the app (other than more NPR more of the time) is the news is always on and the app plays even if you don’t have service. For my commute that means that I can load a dozen stories before getting on the subway and can listen to the morning’s news while commuting. Long live NPR.

Nike + Running
= Easily track runs.

I wish I could say I run every day but I definitely do not. When I am running though, Nike + Running is what I use every time. The app uses both geolocation and pace tracking to track how many miles you run and how what your miles per hour time is. I find this helpful mostly because while you are running at every mile a voice will come on and say in a soothing robotic voice “One mile run, time 9 minutes thirty seconds per mile” or whatever your average pace that run is. I don’t know if it’s the fact that I am actually seeing or hearing my progress but each time I run with the Nike app I run more than I would without it.

You’re Just My Type

Hannah Hart Beat

ITS THURSDAY AFTERNOON and it’s so nice in New York I’m getting that antsy feeling when all the windows at work are open and your legs are itching to move. You feeling it too, Hart Beat? To help us all get through the next few hours, here’s a song that I’ve been listening to a lot lately. It’s bouncy and fun and makes me want the whole world to break out into a synchronized dance. If that’s not happening to you (sad times here) then there’s the great music video for the song. It feels like a great James Bond scene and I love the focusing on all the eyes.

Anyway, hope you enjoy “Just My Type” by Saint Motel tonight. Listen to it while you finish those last emails. Listen to it while you ride down on the elevator and walk onto the street. I know I will be.

How to Win the War Against Static Hair

Hannah Hart Beat

Hi Hart Beat! A few weeks ago I tried something crazy and shared it with you. If you don’t have a crystal clear memory (and I don’t blame you) the idea was to see if I could wean myself off washing my hair every day. Like that time I tried to give up coffee cold turkey, this test did not work.

Some of you gave me great suggestions about the trick to not washing your hair every day but, no amount of blow drying, baby powder or magic conditioner could battle against my oily roots. This post is not about how I’m a failure though. This post is about two hair habits that I actually do everyday and how they can help you win the war against static hair.

Hannah Hart Beat

Hannah Hart Beat

The first trick is that for years I’ve been using these special hair towels. They come in all different brands and different styles but at the basic level they all do the same thing. Instead of causing static in your hair (damn you BB&B college towels) they wick water away. So instead of rubbing and causing friction, you can just kind of wrap your hair up and then it dries on its own sans frizz. The towel I’m loving lately comes from the Of a Kind personal care shop and comes with a little button to tie it in a turban. Dreams do come true.

The other hair tool that I actually swear by is my wooden hair brush. I’ve had different variations for years and love it so much that I even keep a travel sized wooden brush in my backpack for unruly hair days. The one that I have right now is a Holzstifte. It sounds like a fancy Italian car and I love it. I wish I could actually lead you somewhere you could buy it online but I got in a store in Maine and apparently Holzstifte has not joined us in the age of the internet. You can find other ones similar here and here.

The reason I love a wooden bristles is because it (again) doesn’t make any static when brushing and it doesn’t break your hair (as much) as normal Duane Reade brushes. Extra bonus is that it feels like you’re massaging fingers through your hair. Head massages always win in my book. What about you, Hart Beat? You have any other secret hair tips up your sleeve?

Hannah Hart BeatHannah Hart Beat

Photos by Pedro Rodriguez for Hannah Hart Beat.

Help a Sister Out (Every Day)

Lift Each Other Up - Hannah Hart Beat

It’s mesmerizing. Right, Hart Beat? One of my favorite artists Libby Vander Ploeg, who has worked with Food52 in the past, published this PSA for International Women’s Day called “Life Each Other Up” earlier this month. Now in the days of social media these small(ish?) holidays are everywhere and I usually just pass them by. National Donut Day! National Hug a Friend Day! National you have a sibling day who cares we all have siblings day. They can be a bit much. Also, if every day is a holiday of some kind then they never seem special.

International Women’s Day though, it got me thinking. With everything shitty going on in the world, not to mention all the fear mongering and general hate happening in this country, it was nice to have a day where I was seeing all my favorite ladies being celebrated. From bloggers, to celebrities, to politicians, everyone was preaching wise words that they have heard from a women. So much love was spread.

The day got me thinking about how we should think about women and the roll we’ve all played in each other lives every day. And, even more than that, that we’ve got to lift each other up everyday. Because if we don’t, who will? That’s why I’m in love with this gif and am in love with you Hart Beat. As a belated International Women’s Day, here are a few posts I’ve published in the past waxing love for women everywhere.

Happy reading, Hart Beat!! And happy everydayshouldbewomens day!

Hannah Hart Beat

A Few Things, Wednesday Afternoon Edition

Hey Hart Beat. How’s you’re Wednesday? I’ve been back at work for a few days now and it’s finally hitting me that I don’t actually live in Costa Rica 😭😭😭. To distract myself a little bit here are a few things that have been going on in my life this week. You got any for me, Hart Beat?

1. MR. DARCY IS COMING TO NEW YORK!!! Well, not really. But his sexy lake drenched shirt sure is! My mom texted me this morning the following and, needless to say, I share her sentiment. “Colin Firth is on the front page of the NYTIMES. Oh la la.” Yup, Mom you get me. Read the article here.

Hannah Hart Beat

2. This amazing song from new (to me) singer Låpsley. She sounds a liiiiitle bit like Adele which I love but the style of the music is so up my alley. I’ve been listening to it non stop. What do you think?

3. Just made a highlight and haircut appointment at Fumi, a Brooklyn hair studio in Gowanus. I’ve never been before and am excited to try someplace new. A coworker recommended them and as soon as I looked at their space online I was like YAS. Looks cool right? I’ll take some pictures while I’m there and let you know how it is. (I heard the owner bakes cookies everyday….)

Hannah Hart Beat

Hannah Hart Beat

4. So, so, so happy to be back home with Pedro and the boys. Pedro gave Melo and Bandit baths and hair cuts while I was away and they are looking extra cute. Here’s a pic of Melo yawning right after waking up. My heart.

Hannah Hart Beat

Fumi photos from the Bird blog and Colin Firth photo from the deep interwebs 🙀.

Market Tote

One Bag Two Ways: The French Market Basket

French Market Basket

Hi Hart Beat. I’m back! I’ve got lots of beautiful surfing and beach photos to share but first things first, I want to talk about a purchase that I made before leaving on my trip. I’ve always admired French women for their chic style (who doesn’t really) and one thing I’ve been aiming to add to my closet is a simple French market basket. And praise be to the internet gods, I found the perfect one Hart Beat! After some intense google searching I ordered my bag from a site called Maison de Kristine Country French Style. The bag is pretty big but still easy enough to carry under your arm. Plus, and here’s the kicker, it has two different leather sized straps so you can carry it exactly how you want.

French Market Basket

And here’s the kicker. It’s not just a beach bag! I’ve been using the bag two ways. The first, in the top photos, is obviously as a summer tote. Feeling French on the beach is A+. But, I know most of you reading this and, hell, I’m writing this, are living in a non tropical location where there isn’t need for a beach bag right now. Well, it doesn’t matter! Before leaving and since coming back I’ve found the perfect second use for the bag.

French Market Basket

That’s right, as a bed side “table”! Pedro and I live in a small one bedroom apartment in Brooklyn so everything we have has (or tries to have) multiple uses. Since I love this bag so much I didn’t want to pack it away into the closet and not see it during the winter months. Since I have yet to find a bed side table small and simple enough to fit next to my side of the bed, I’ve been using the beautiful basket instead. Now I get to see the bag every day and it keeps all my bottles of lotion, books, computer cords and knitting all in one place. Win win.

French Market Basket