Why I Knit

Hannah Hart Beat sweater

Evening Hart Beat. What are you up to? Pedro and I are plowing through season two of The X-Files (still going strongšŸ‘Š) and I’m getting back to knitting the sweater I started last month. While sitting here knitting I started thinking about how I got started with the hobby originally and thought it might be something you’d like to read.

I’ve mentioned it here before but over the years I’ve had struggles with depression. This winter I have been loads better (!) but I’m still findingĀ myself doingĀ things that were habits or projects picked up from when I was sick. Things like theĀ vacation that my mom and I take, while now greatly appreciated, is something that used to be prescribed.

Knitting is another habit that I picked up over the years. When I first started it was really a way to do something with my hands while I repeatedly binge watched Friends or How I Met Your Mother. Knitting is repetitive and consistent. It doesn’t take a lot of thought, especially when your just knitting unnecessarily long scarfs like I was at first.

Hannah Hart Beat sweater

Before this year, I had never knitted anything I would gift or even wear myself. I still have totes full of unfinished projects stored at my parents house. This fall though I thought it was time to try something more difficult. That’s how I ended up with this sweater here.

Hannah Hart Beat sweater

The sweater in progress.

It’s a amazingly soft, grey-tan (my favorite hue) turtleneck sweater and I can’t wait to rep it out of the house. Pedro calls it my Drizzy sweater and he may not be wrong. Either way, it means so much to me this year. I’m not sad knitting this time and I think I might finish it before winter is really over. My security blanket 2.0 as I’m thinking about it. Cheers to happy times, Hart Beat.

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