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What I do at Food52

Hannah Hart Beat

Hey Hart Beat. Happy weekend! I’ve been mucho busy lately since in two weeks I’m taking some (well needed) time off and heading to Costa Rica with my mom. What does that mean to you? Well, it means now that this week and next I’ve been swamped getting all my work done at Food52 so that I can sign off for the full week I’ll be away.

I was thinking the other day about my job at Food52 and how maybe some of you might wonder what it is I do exactly at the company. So here we go.

For the first year at the company, I was our Email Coordinator and pretty much built and sent all those annoying but beautiful emails from our editorial and shop sides of the company. And now? I was promoted to our Merchandising Manager at the beginning of this year! So besides writing these posts to you, and taking some baller Instagram shots, I work full time planning, strategizing, data diving and designing your onsite experience with the Food52 Shop.

Hannah Hart Beat

A behind the scenes photo with a handful of the props we have on hand.

I’m not gonna lie Hart Beat, it’s pretty cool. It involves so many different kinds of thinking. Even more exciting, all these big ideas that I have for our shoppers I get to see actually happen on our site, in email and in social. On any day I’m meeting with our Product Team thinking about cool ways to display content on the site, planning our monthly email calendar to promote new and older but beloved products, watching our talented stylist and photographers bring to life the products we sell, or like, a million other things. It’s both creative and data driven and that combination is so fascinating to me.

Hannah Hart Beat

One of our photographers James Ransom setting up a photo shoot in our office kitchen.

I also get to do cool things like write articles for the site about things like Pedro and me painting our kitchen and how to build the perfect fire and share some recipes I have up my sleeve likemy family’s famous Booby Rolls and my “world famous” pasta and meat sauce. And sometimes I even get to attend events at the office and take photos for the site (Ruth Reichl! Food52 Wedding Registry!) Plus I met Cookie Monster!!!!!

Hannah Hart Beat

A photo I took for said Ruth Reichl dinner party of Amanda, Kristen, and Ruth.

Hannah Hart Beat Cookie Monster

I go goo-goo eyes for Cookie Monster when he came to the office.

So there you go. Maybe that made sense? I don’t know, it’s how I explain my job to my parents’ friends. We can also do a mini AMA (ask me anything) in the comments here. So ask away Hart Beat! And I’ll try to tell you more about what it’s like working in merchandising at Food52.

4 thoughts on “What I do at Food52

  1. anonymous

    hi hannah! i know this is an old post, but i’m currently applying for jobs and saw a posting for food52. can you share more about the culture there, and what your working hours are like?

    1. Hannah Post author

      Hi! What job are you applying to at Food52!? It’s a wonderful company and the best place I’ve worked at hands down. Good luck on your application!! Let me know how it goes :)

  2. Anonymous

    I submitted my application for community manager around Christmas time, and I haven’t heard back yet but I’m sure y’all are swamped with applications :) it sounds like a dream gig to me, so I’d appreciate any advice you have or insights you can share on working at food52/in your department!!


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