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Hannah Hart Beat

Tell me, when do you wash your hair?

Hannah Hart Beat

Hey Hart Beat. I have a question for you. It’s personal and a little weird but I’m going to do it anyway. How often do you wash your hair?

Let me preface this by saying I am a clean person. Pedro may say otherwise but I promise, I adhere to the standard cleanliness of body and living space. That being said, for my entire life I never thought twice about washing and conditioning my hair every day. I mean, I showered every day so that meant I washed my hair every day. Right?

Nope. I’ve been hearing from Pedro ever since we started dating that washing your hair every day is horrible for it. He should know, he has amazing hair. Pedro conditions every day but only washes his hair a few times a week. This theory was confirmed when I went to get my hair cut last week and the stylist was like HOLY MOLEY WOMAN YOUR HAIR IS SO DRY.


Hannah Hart Beat

To my defense, there are a couple reasons why I’ve traditionally washed my hair every day. For one, I like clean hair! The other main reason I’m sure other blondes out there can relate to, is that washing your hair makes it actually lighter. Like the color is brighter and your hair is blonder. Why? It’s pretty simple, the oiler it gets the darker it gets and so after a few days of not washing my hair and only conditioning it looks like I’ve gone about three shades browner. Sometimes people even ask if I’ve dyed my hair. I love being a blonde and if the simple answer to keeping the shine on is washing my hair everyday then I’ll do it. Some companies sell specialist shampoo that is designed to lighten your blonde dyed hair colour. However, for all you natural blondes out there, shampoo for natural blonde hair does exist too! Make sure that you use these sorts of products about once a week because they are so effective people will question whether you have had your hair redyed! Now that I have it on good opinion that washing is bad, I’m not sure anymore.

So Hart Beat, I reach out to you. How often do you wash your hair? And if you’re blonde, do you have any tips for keeping it light during the non-wash days? Help a girl out, Hart Beat. My hair and I thank you in advance.

Second photo by Alpha Smoot.