Heart of Darkness coffee

Sunday Morning Coffee

Happy Sunday morning, Hart Beat! Sundays are one of my favorite days because they mean I can sit down, relax, catch up with Pedro, and drink a delicious cup of coffee. Yup, since last spring when I dabbled in the tea vs. coffee experiment I have stayed true to the winner of that battle. Although my dentist

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New Vintage Finds by Quinn Casa

Sad times, Hart Beat. I didn’t win the powerball. Even though a tiny part of me prayed desperately to not win when I first bought my ticket (I like my life OKAY?) most of me was wishing that I would cash in big. Why? Because then I could buy all the vintage pieces sold by Quinn Casa. I’ve

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New Year Resolutions

Hi Hart Beat. We did it. We made it to 2016 happy, healthy, and slightly better rested than last year. Today is my first day back at the office but I thought it might be a good idea to talk about this hole “New Years Resolutions” thing too. So, do you have any, Hart Beat?

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