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New Year, New Me

Hannah Hart Beat

Hey Hart Beat. Hopefully you’re not appalled that this image is coming way after New Years actually happened. I feel like 2016 was off to a great start and maybe all of us (yours truly included) need a little fire under our bellies reminder.

I love this list written by Woody Guthrie in 1942. Most of them still apply which I love. “Don’t get lonesome.” and “Stay glad.” are two of my favorites. The list is below in case you’re having trouble reading Mr. Guthrie’s handwriting. Cheers to you, Hart Beat, this wintery Wednesday.

1. Work more and better
2. Work by a schedule
3. Wash teeth if any
4. Shave
5. Take bath
6. Eat good — fruit — vegetables — milk
7. Drink very scant if any
8. Write a song a day
9. Wear clean clothes — look good
10. Shine shoes
11. Change socks
12. Change bed cloths often
13. Read lots good books
14. Listen to radio a lot
15. Learn people better
16. Keep rancho clean
17. Dont get lonesome
18. Stay glad
19. Keep hoping machine running
20. Dream good
21. Bank all extra money
22. Save dough
23. Have company but dont waste time
24. Send Mary and kids money
25. Play and sing good
26. Dance better
27. Help win war — beat fascism
28. Love mama
29. Love papa
30. Love Pete
31. Love everybody
32. Make up your mind
33. Wake up and fight

Image via Open Culture.

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