Cold Weather Advice for NYC


Hey Hart Beat. The SNOWPOCALYPSE is coming. Apparently. I’m not keeping up with the news that much but from what I’ve heard NYC and the surrounding area is going to be buried in snow this weekend. I really don’t think we can complain since it’s been such a mild winter so far but, this cold snap has had me thinking of some of my favorite advice.

My first job living in New York City was working at a Flea Market in Chelsea Market. It was such a great first job in the city and one of the reasons was because I got to meet natives from all over New York and, just as interestingly, tourists from all over the world. One day I was chatting with a man while his wife tried on some of the dresses I was selling and casually commented that his hometown in Norway gets so cold in the winter that the ocean freezes a meter thick. Let’s all think about this a minute. THE OCEAN. MADE OF SALT. FREEZES SO CARS CAN DRIVE ON IT. That’s some kind of cold I don’t want to know.

When I responded with a YOU BE CRAZY OLD MAN, he laughed and said one of the wisest things I’ve ever heard and since then have repeated to myself every cold winter day. “There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing.” 

And let’s face it, the man is right. The times I’m freezing my tuckus off are when I’ve underestimated the cold and am not wearing enough layers. If I bundle up enough though, it’s hard to be really cold. This means don’t dress sexy in January. I wear leggings and fleece lined Mom jeans and two different down jackets. I wear hats and scarfs and two pairs of gloves. So New Yorkers out there, let’s not be naive and dress warm because that wise old man was right. It’s cold out there and tomorrow I’m going to be remembering his wise words and hope you do too.

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 11.28.28 PM

Top photo via Shawn Hoke and bottom photo I took last winter.

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