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Hannah Hart Beat

No. 2: Happy Music Friday

Hannah Hart Beat

Hey Hart Beat. HAPPY FRIDAY. We did it. And to celebrate, here are some of the songs that got me through the entire week. As I mentioned last week, this is a new Friday installment of Hart Beat. I hope you liked last week’s songs and find these others help you with your commute home from work. Cheers to that, Hart Beat.

  1. A preciously undiscovered track (at least to me) from the Alabama Shake’s Sound & Color, “Over My Head.”
  2. “More Than Enough” by Elizabeth & the Catapult. Because ladies rule.
  3. Ratata’s song “Cream on Chrome” has me DANCING ON THE SUBWAY. And I like it.

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Hannah Hart Beat

Looking for the One

Hannah Hart Beat

Hey Hart Beat. A bit ago I shared the exciting news that one of our favorite advice columns Dear Sugar was coming out with a podcast of the same name. One of my resolutions this year was to read more actual books which has been great but means I’ve been falling behind on some of my favorite podcasts, like Dear Sugar.

This morning on the train I caught up and listened to the two most recent episodes of the show. I immediately knew I had to share them with you here. The episodes are a part one and part two of a discussion on the idea of looking for “the one.” Websites similar to explore themes that are in the same vein.

In the first episode, “The Anxiety“, Cheryl and Steve talk about all the letters the receive from women asking for their advice on finding true love. The women who write in they say, have everything going for them in their careers, friendships, and personal growth. What the women say they are missing is finding someone to share their life with and are wondering if and how they will ever find “the one.” With that being said, there are many people out there who want to get advice on how to start talking to a girl, as some people may struggle to do this confidently. People say there is someone out there for us all, but at times it can feel like you’re waiting for this one person. Unless we do whatever we can to make it happen sooner, playing the waiting game is something worth considering too.

The second episode, “The Reality“, focuses on the scientific research that women actually do have a hard time finding men to couple up with since the data confirms there are less and less “available” men in the world.

They are both so eye opening, Hart Beat. I may be in a relationship but I know that for years I was always wondering this very question, will I find the one? And, more importantly, how?? I have so many amazing single lady friends and it baffles me daily that they’re single. I keep suggesting that they go on sites like love magnet to get dating advice but to no avail. And while I strongly believe there is nothing to be ashamed and nothing wrong with being a single woman, that sentiment only matters if you are happy and want to be single. If you’re like me and countless other women I know, coupling up (for whatever reason) is something desired.

The podcast episodes definitely don’t tell you exactly how to find the one, or even confirm that there is one person for everyone (something that I don’t think is true either). But, it is so wonderful to hear Cheryl and Steve talk about this theme. I hope you like listening to them too.

P.S. Some dating advice I’ve written on the blog here and here.

Update: The Sugars did a Part Three of the series called “Reimagining the Spinster” where they speak with Kate Bolick, author of Spinster. Listen to it if you haven’t!

Hannah Hart Beat

New Year, New Me

Hannah Hart Beat

Hey Hart Beat. Hopefully you’re not appalled that this image is coming way after New Years actually happened. I feel like 2016 was off to a great start and maybe all of us (yours truly included) need a little fire under our bellies reminder.

I love this list written by Woody Guthrie in 1942. Most of them still apply which I love. “Don’t get lonesome.” and “Stay glad.” are two of my favorites. The list is below in case you’re having trouble reading Mr. Guthrie’s handwriting. Cheers to you, Hart Beat, this wintery Wednesday.

1. Work more and better
2. Work by a schedule
3. Wash teeth if any
4. Shave
5. Take bath
6. Eat good — fruit — vegetables — milk
7. Drink very scant if any
8. Write a song a day
9. Wear clean clothes — look good
10. Shine shoes
11. Change socks
12. Change bed cloths often
13. Read lots good books
14. Listen to radio a lot
15. Learn people better
16. Keep rancho clean
17. Dont get lonesome
18. Stay glad
19. Keep hoping machine running
20. Dream good
21. Bank all extra money
22. Save dough
23. Have company but dont waste time
24. Send Mary and kids money
25. Play and sing good
26. Dance better
27. Help win war — beat fascism
28. Love mama
29. Love papa
30. Love Pete
31. Love everybody
32. Make up your mind
33. Wake up and fight

Image via Open Culture.

Hannah Hart Beat

Bag Envy


Heyyy Hart Beat. Over the summer I was enticed enough by a beautiful email sent to me from Everlane to buy this amazing backpack. Even after six months I’m still obsessed with it and use it for work everyday. This fall, Everlane announced a few new bags they added to their collection and one of them has me particularly in love…

Isn’t the Petra Crossbody the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen? My best friend Samantha has it and even after seeing it in person I can confidently say it’s just as breathtaking as it is in the photos. The bag is a little (a lot for me) on the expensive side for a crossbody bag but, in typical Everlane fashion (get it?) they break down the costs and let you know that this bag should really cost $1,300. CRAZY PANTS. Soooo, if you look at it that way Hart Beat, you’re actually saving yourself $935. Jkjk. As always I recommend this piece of financial advice before hitting the “purchase now” button. I know it’s on my list right now.



Top and bottom photo via @thetrottergirl. Second photo via Everlane.

Hannah Hart Beat

How to Build the Perfect Fire on Food52

Hannah Hart Beat

Hey Hart Beat! Today on Food52 an article I wrote is published about how to build the perfect fire. When I was home for Christmas this winter I spent about 95% of my time sitting in front of my parent’s fireplace and you can read on the site a detailed instruction on how to make a fire if you’re not super comfortable yet.

Here on Hart Beat I thought I would share a little teaser of some fireplace photos. I’m freezing and am betting you are too so let’s all pretend that the fire from these pictures are pushing the heat through the screen onto our cold toes.

Read the article here and make sure to pass it on to you’re friends. ✨🔥

Hannah Hart Beat

Hannah Hart Beat

Hudson on Hannah Hart Beat

Snowpocalypse 2016 brought to you by Hudson

Hudson on Hannah Hart Beat

You warm, Hart Beat? If you’re living anywhere near the East Coast right now then you’re being dowsed in a heavy slam of snow. Right now outside our Brooklyn apartment we already have one foot! Pedro and I both braved the weather this afternoon (he went into the city and I visited Marina in Park Slope for pie and coffee) but now we are snug as two bugs in a rug in our cozy apartment. What’s keeping us alive? You might ask. The answer is simple. The answer is Hudson.

Early in the Fall Pedro and I visited Hudson, NY for the day and both of decided it was the best place to escape NYC for the day. Tonight, he and I are both realizing that “Hudson” branded products are keeping us sane. (That, my bean boots and a kitchen stocked with Annie’s Mac & Cheese and  Genius Chicken.) Between the two of us we have Hudson Manhattan Rye Whiskey, a Hudson scented candle from Hawkins New York, and Hudson Standard Bitters. Why are these things keeping us alive? Two words, drinks and candles. What more could  you want on a snow day?

P.S. This playlist is killing it right now.

IMG_2476 IMG_2480 (1)

Hannah Hart Beat

Happy MUSIC Friday

Diana Ross

Hey Hart Beat! It’s a new year, let’s try something new. One thing that I love sharing with you lovely readers are new music finds that I come across. I feel like it’s something special about Hart Beat that not many other “lifestyle blogs” (ugg whatever that means) have. So, on this cold Friday, let’s welcome the first bunch!

To go along with this new thing, I’ve started a new playlist called Hart Beat’s Music Friday’s with just these new songs. Don’t worry, the tried and true original Hart Beat playlist still exists but this new one will be a little shorter and maybe snappier? Let me know what you think about it. And, without further ado, here are the couple of songs that I’ve been listening to all week!

  1. Sia’s (new) track, Unstoppable
  2. Kanye and Kendrick Lamar’s new track (not on Spotify 😞) “No More Parties in L.A.”
  3. Justin Bieber’s HIT BECAUSE I DON’T CARE. It’s amazing, Hart Beat. Just face it. (Also, side note here but whatevs, the dance in this song makes me love the song 100x more. I want to live in this video.)

Top photo of Diana Ross dancing like the queen she is.

Cold Weather Advice for NYC


Hey Hart Beat. The SNOWPOCALYPSE is coming. Apparently. I’m not keeping up with the news that much but from what I’ve heard NYC and the surrounding area is going to be buried in snow this weekend. I really don’t think we can complain since it’s been such a mild winter so far but, this cold snap has had me thinking of some of my favorite advice.

My first job living in New York City was working at a Flea Market in Chelsea Market. It was such a great first job in the city and one of the reasons was because I got to meet natives from all over New York and, just as interestingly, tourists from all over the world. One day I was chatting with a man while his wife tried on some of the dresses I was selling and casually commented that his hometown in Norway gets so cold in the winter that the ocean freezes a meter thick. Let’s all think about this a minute. THE OCEAN. MADE OF SALT. FREEZES SO CARS CAN DRIVE ON IT. That’s some kind of cold I don’t want to know.

When I responded with a YOU BE CRAZY OLD MAN, he laughed and said one of the wisest things I’ve ever heard and since then have repeated to myself every cold winter day. “There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing.” 

And let’s face it, the man is right. The times I’m freezing my tuckus off are when I’ve underestimated the cold and am not wearing enough layers. If I bundle up enough though, it’s hard to be really cold. This means don’t dress sexy in January. I wear leggings and fleece lined Mom jeans and two different down jackets. I wear hats and scarfs and two pairs of gloves. So New Yorkers out there, let’s not be naive and dress warm because that wise old man was right. It’s cold out there and tomorrow I’m going to be remembering his wise words and hope you do too.

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 11.28.28 PM

Top photo via Shawn Hoke and bottom photo I took last winter.

Hannah Hart Beat

Outdoor Voices: The hype is real


Hey Hart Beat! At the beginning of this year I shared with you my three New Years resolutions annnnnnnnd my resolution to dance more is actually going well! As I mentioned I signed up for a series of intro to modern dance with the Marc Morris Dance Group in Brooklyn. It’s going so well and I’ve already started poking around for a new kind of dance to try next. Any takers for this class?

One thing that is really making me love dance is this new workout brand that I’ve become ones eased with. Have you heard of Outdoor Voices?

The brand has popped up a bunch lately. Their founder was selected as one of Forbes’ 30 Under 30 this year and brands like J.Crew, Goop and even Of a Kind are collaborating with them. Even with all that news I’m here to tell you Hart Beat, the hype is real.

I have two pairs of leggings from OV and my first experience with trying them on won me over. Not only do they look as good as they do in the pictures but, the are so comfortable. They’re the right kind of legging that’s tight enough to be a legging but still loose enough to not cut off your baby making parts. I also am obsessed with the fact I can send them off to the laundry mat to be washed and they still come back un-pilled (word?). So there you go, Hart Beat. If you’re having trouble keeping to your New Years Resolution of working out or being active then maybe buy yourself a pair? I don’t know but even if you never leave the couch from binge watching Making a Murderer while wearing them you’ll still be stylish and comfortable.

Hannah Hart Beat

Top photo via Of a Kind and last two by Outdoor Voices.

Heart of Darkness coffee

Sunday Morning Coffee

Heart of Darkness coffee

Happy Sunday morning, Hart Beat! Sundays are one of my favorite days because they mean I can sit down, relax, catch up with Pedro, and drink a delicious cup of coffee. Yup, since last spring when I dabbled in the tea vs. coffee experiment I have stayed true to the winner of that battle. Although my dentist would like to sway me otherwise, coffee has won and I still drink a cup (or two🙉) a day. Since coffee is such a subtle but IMPORTANT part of my life, I thought I would share two things that have been making my perfect cup this week.

  1. Delicious coffee beans. While there are a few places in New York and Brooklyn that brew delicious coffee (looking at you 7 Grams and Gorilla Coffee), my most favorite ground coffee comes from No. Six Depot. Six Depot opened a few years in the Berkshires, one town over from where I grew up. The coffee is a) delicious and b) has the most beautiful packaging and names for each roast. Example, am drinking Heart of Darkness now. It is everything.
  2. This coffee scooper. Okay, this one doesn’t necessarily brew the best coffee but since buying it at the Food52 Holiday Market I’ve been obsessed. The little Black Walnut Wooden Coffee Scoop it the perfect size because you can keep it in your coffee grinds bag. Yup, that’s right. I keep it right in there so every morning when I go to make my coffee it’s sitting right there waiting. It is so pretty and sparks so much joy that it’s one of my most favorite tools in my kitchen.

Happy coffee drinking, Hart Beat!