A Very Murray Christmas

A Very Murray Christmas

Hi Hart Beat! Guess what! Work is done!!! Not forever but, the wonderful Food52 gives it’s employees off between now and the New Year to rest our heads and rest up before January hits. What does this mean for you? More posts!! That’s right. Now that I have some time and more importantly, well needed sleep, all the posts that I’ve had in my head are now here for you!

And the first thing I want to talk about is A Very Murray Christmas. The hour long Netflix special follows Bill Murray around a snowy New York City hotel while a cast of celebs join him to sing classic Christmas songs. Here are the reasons to love it:

  • All of the Christmas songs
  • Sung by all of our favorite celebrities
  • Sofia Coppola directed the special and the entire thing has a very Coppola atmosphere in the best way possible
  • There’s nothing more beautiful than New York City in the snow
  • Chris Rock is hilarious
  • There’s really no plot so it’s the kind of thing you can have in the background when you’re doing other holiday related things (I may or may not have it on right now)
  • Our girl JENNY LEWIS MAKES A GUEST APPEARANCE and sings “Baby It’s Cold Outside” with Billy Murray. There are no words to describe how amazing it was. Just watch the trailer here and you’ll see why.

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