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A Very Murray Christmas

A Very Murray Christmas

Hi Hart Beat! Guess what! Work is done!!! Not forever but, the wonderful Food52 gives it’s employees off between now and the New Year to rest our heads and rest up before January hits. What does this mean for you? More posts!! That’s right. Now that I have some time and more importantly, well needed sleep, all the posts that I’ve had in my head are now here for you!

And the first thing I want to talk about is A Very Murray Christmas. The hour long Netflix special follows Bill Murray around a snowy New York City hotel while a cast of celebs join him to sing classic Christmas songs. Here are the reasons to love it:

  • All of the Christmas songs
  • Sung by all of our favorite celebrities
  • Sofia Coppola directed the special and the entire thing has a very Coppola atmosphere in the best way possible
  • There’s nothing more beautiful than New York City in the snow
  • Chris Rock is hilarious
  • There’s really no plot so it’s the kind of thing you can have in the background when you’re doing other holiday related things (I may or may not have it on right now)
  • Our girl JENNY LEWIS MAKES A GUEST APPEARANCE and sings “Baby It’s Cold Outside” with Billy Murray. There are no words to describe how amazing it was. Just watch the trailer here and you’ll see why.

Hannah Hart Beat

Hannah Hart Beat

Behind the scenes at The Nutcracker

Hannah Hart Beat

Hey Hart Beat! Over the weekend New York Magazine shared something super cool on their Instagram that I thought you might like to see. The magazine posted a series of exclusive behind-the-scenes look backstage at the New York City Ballet’s annual performance of The Nutcracker.

Hannah Hart Beat

The photos are so captivating and remind me how much I love the ballet. Growing up I danced for about 8 years (till I hit fun times puberty in high school) and since then I’ve always loved watching documentaries and even sometimes going to watch the performances in New York. And these photos, I mean, what’s more holiday than The Nutcracker? Check out these photos and more on The New York Magazine‘s instagram account.


Screen Shot 2015-12-20 at 3.24.54 PM


All photos by @dalberda.

Hannah Hart Beat

A little encouragement

Hannah Hart Beat

Hey Hart Beat. I’m going to be honest with you, I’m exhausted right now. So, so, so very tired. This holiday season at work has been overwhelming and busy and even though it’s usually in the most amazing way (have I mentioned I love my job?) I feel like I’ve lost a little bit of my sanity.

For those of you also working in any retail or sales capacity, I feel you. I know those long nights, I know those knotted shoulders and I KNOW that you are also binge watching Parks and Recs right now while browsing Facebook (where you saw me share this blog post) instead of going t bed. Hi.

At work we are battling the end of the year, the holiday season, a three week pop-up market, reviews, and 2016 planning. It’s a marathon and I don’t feel like a chicken running around with my head cut off, I am a chicken running around with my head cut off.

What this post is is a little encouragement. It’s a little letter to those of you exhausted souls out there who are counting down the hours until the New Year when we can all start fresh again. I have so many good ideas for this upcoming year and I can’t wait to share them with you, Hart Beat. I can’t wait to write more and I can’t wait to sleep. Oh sleep, you elusive friend.

You are amazing, Hart Beat. You’re beautiful and smart and kickass and we’re gonna kill it tomorrow. We’re going to kill it so hard that when the New Year comes we’re ready to come at it with the force of warrior woman.


Hannah Hart Beat

Photos by Madison Holmlund.

Christmas Music for you

Hey Hart Beat. Long time no see! These last few weeks have been beyond busy at work and I hate to say it but ye old blog has suffered the consequences. I promise to be better this week. I am starting to hate all the excuses that begin every blog post (I’m sure you are too).

Tonight let’s talk about something holiday because it’s THE HOLIDAY SEASON LALALALALALALALA. Other than watching some of my favorite Christmas movies, I’ve been also listening to some great holiday music. We all love the tried and true holiday songs (hey Mariah hey) but I’ve also put a list together of some of the other indie Christmas songs that might not be in your rotation but should be added right now.

#1. Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) from Slow Club

#2. What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve? from The Head and the Heart

#3. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas from Cat Power

#4. Jingle Bell Rock from Rogue Wave

#5. I’ll Be Home for Christmas from She & Him

P.S. If you’re looking for more take a look at the new Spotify Indie Christmas.

P.P.S. The wreath from the photo up top comes from a little shop at Food52. It smells amazing and you can buy it here.