The Great British Baking Addiction


Ohhhhh Hart Beat. As I’m writing this I know some of you are either a) jumping up from your subway seats, raising your arms in celebration and singing out a loud PRAISE YEEZUS or b) scratching your head in confusion and are mildly concerned that I might have an actual addiction to the Food52 test kitchen cookies. Well for those of you in camp a, welcome my friends, and in group b, you may not be wrong (Kristen Miglore makes a bomb diggity vegan choco chip cookie) but also never fear! This blog post will explain all the magic of The Great British Bake Off.

A few weeks ago I heard about a TV show called The Great British Baking Show aka The Great British Bake Off from some friends at work. Intrigued, I checked it out on Netflix and was instantly hooked. The show is a reality tv set up which takes ten English amateur bakers and has them preform three bake off’s per episode. At the end of each episode one baker is crowed Star Baker (the greatest honor in all of England) and one baker is sent home. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love this show. It is so charming, so positive, so BRITISH, that the whole thing has me binge watching episodes as fast as I can. Here’s a little preview if you’re still not sold:

As of right now there is only one season on Netflix (😞) but thankfully, and I won’t name names, someone I know was able to get me the next seasons that are not yet online anywhere(😏). The more Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood in my life the better. And okay, I guess I’ll take more of the two hosts, Sue and Mel, even though sometimes I cringe at all the British humor…

Anyway, if you haven’t given the show a chance then STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING, RUN HOME, AND START YOUR NETFLIX because you’re life is about to get exponentially better. And if it doesn’t you can let me know and I’ll bake you a sponge.


3 thoughts on “The Great British Baking Addiction

  1. jessica

    Hi Hannah,

    I just discovered the GBBO too! Love it! So much more authentic than American reality cooking shows, don’t you think? I heard about it on Twitter and one night a few weeks ago the kids and I found the last 4 episodes available on PBS. We watched one episode, “just to see how it was” and….you guessed it, we watched all 4! I’ll have to look for the first season on Netflix! :-)

    1. Hannah Post author

      Hi Jessica!

      I’m so glad to meet a fellow British Baking obsessor! I agree that it is much more authentic than American reality cooking. Definitely check out the season on Netflix. I’ve seen two others and I think the one on Netflix is the best!! Happy watching!

  2. Lila Noffsinger

    I recently discovered this show as well ( little late to the game, I’ll admit), and have become similarly obsessed! I love how NICE everyone is, and obviously how mouth-wateringly-good the food looks. :-) AND the recipes are available online as well – which is a fantastic (and delicious!) perk!

    You’re awesome, Hannah! Keep it up! Okay – I really need to get off your blog now. So many great posts to read, but my lunch break doesn’t last forever. :-)

    P.S. I happened to write about the show on my blog last week! You can check it out here, if you’re interested. :-)


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