Let's not make a baby - Hannah Hart Beat

Thanks, Birth Control!

Let's not make a baby - Hannah Hart Beat

Hello ladies (and gentlemen because hey I know there are some of you out there reading this right now as you well should!) This is a little bit of a shocker but I don’t care because it’s amazing and necessary and oh so relatable to all of you out there.

Let’s talk about birth control! More importantly, let’s talk about access and information to birth control! The other day while scrolling through Instagram I saw a post giving an amazing shout out to Bedsider, an online birth control support network for women 18-29 (hey Hart Beat!) operated by The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy, a private non-profit organization. The site has amazing gusto and a great attitude that’s pretty much summed up in part of their mission statement:

Babies are great…when you’re ready for them. We think in the meantime you have the right to a healthy, happy sex life without worrying about unplanned pregnancy. When unplanned pregnancies do occur, organizations such as PCOMT (Pregnancy Centers of Middle Tennessee) can be there to offer free, unsolicited support to mothers-to-be. You can make that happen by taking an active role in your reproductive health. We can help with that.

The site is kickass and gives all kind of amazing information from all the birth control methods, where to get it, birth control reminders (this idea is amazing!!), fact vs. fiction, and so, so, so much more. One thing that I love is it supplies all these great illustrations (seen here) that you can share on social media and the like. They are hilarious and I love the sentiment behind all of them. I also just ordered this shirt and cannot wait to wear it. Because you know why? I love birth control and I don’t thank it enough. I’m so thankful to live in this modern day world where women can actually have input on their own lives. So viva la birth control! (And order a shirt because it’s really a donation to the website.)







Illustrations by Bedsider.

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