#HappyFriday: A hectic week recap mind melt

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Hey Hart Beat. It’s FRIDAY!!!! I’m sure you’re equally excited as I am. Work this week has been super busy now that Thanksgiving is right around the corner. I’m lucky that I love my job so much so that even when it’s super stressful I’m still incredibly happy and feel so lucky to be working for such a great company. This Friday, instead of five articles I’ve loved reading this week, here are a few things that deserved their own posts this week but then didn’t because I was too busy. Here’s to hoping next week gets to you more, Hart Beat.

1, Got this song in my Discovery Weekly on Monday. Um yes. Spotify, how did you know I love acoustic covers of pop and rap songs? #mustbedata

2. The piece “The Running Novelist” in The New Yorker about a bar owner turned author and runner was so inspiring.

3. Aziz Ansari’s new Netflix original show “Master of None” is AMAZING. I love every detail of the show, especially that it looks like the whole thing was filmed in my old neighborhood in Greenpoint. The bars he goes to are the ones I used to haunt and I love that. P.S. Terri Gross interviewed him this week and it was equally awesome.

4. I found my new love in Snapchat. Follow me by searching for hannahshazam.

4. I went home last weekend to the Berkshires and took some photos for Instagram. Take a look in case you’re craving a trip to the country right now.

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Top photo by @mar.bell

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