Hannah Hart Beat - The Daydreamers

Thanks HONY: The Daydreamers

Hannah Hart Beat - The Daydreamers

Hey Hart Beat. How’s your Sunday going? I’m having the most relaxing weekend in Brooklyn hanging out and catching up on reading, the internet, and most importantly music that I’ve been missing the last few weeks. One of my favorite Facebook pages (which I’m sure you all love as well) HONY photographed and featured the members of The Daydreamers, a band making it in New York. The photo above is the portrait and here’s what the band said to go along with it:

“I don’t think I’ll stay in the city much longer. Everything is so expensive that it’s just too hard to get by. We came here because we felt that we’d exhausted all the opportunities in the town that we grew up in. We’d already built a reputation locally and played in all the bars. So we decided to move to New York so we could continue growing. I guess I imagined that there would be a sort of domino effect. People would hear about us, start coming to our shows, and things would really bloom from there. But it’s been a much slower process than I expected. It’s really hard to stand out in the city because there are thousands of bands here competing for attention. You learn pretty quickly that an RSVP on Facebook doesn’t mean the person is actually going to show up.”

Of course the next thing I did was find these guys’ music and take a listen and MAN AM I GLAD I DID HART BEAT. The Daydreamers have two singles out (not on Spotify yet) but you can listen to them on youtube or via their website. I can’t stop listening, Hart Beat. I thought of you immediately and knew that if you hadn’t read the HONY piece you should and that the next thing you should do is listen to this song by them. Hope you’re having as restful a Sunday as I am.

The Daydreamers sing “I Once Was A Man.”

Hannah Hart Beat - The Daydreamers

Top photo by HONY and second via the band’s Facebook.

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