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Last week a little bit of financial advice was circulating our world of the interwebs (it was both in the Of a Kind newsletter and on Cup of Jo’s weekly roundup.) The simple five minute tip got me thinking about my finances and if there were any little tricks that I try to live by that you might like to try out.

The first one that came to my mind was one that I learned from a one time customer who I met while working at Artists & Fleas my first year in New York. What a customer said to me when I told her the total of her purchase (which was over $100) was that she needed to wait and come back. When a friend she was with asked her why the woman replied,

If I’m going to buy something and it costs more than $100, I wait 24 hours before buying it.

UM, THAT IS SUCH A GOOD IDEA. Often times, I feel like what I spend the biggest chunk of my paycheck is on impulse purchases. Whether they’re shoes, coats, cameras or even just unneeded grocery splurges, this little trick steams the flow of these buys is the halt of waiting a full 24 hours before taking the plunge. This doesn’t mean that I don’t by things that I love, what it means is I put serious thought before forking over any triple digit $$$. Even though it’s hard sometimes (aka it’s on sale and there’s only one left) it’s been a good, solid rule to follow.

I also asked one of my friends and she told me that accounting software has saved her restaurant business a lot of money. In the past she used to spend hours pouring over her bookkeeping, but now everything is automatically done at the click of a button. When running a business of your own, even if you’re experiencing heaps of success, it’s always important to find ways of cutting costs. If you’re a restaurateur looking to revolutionise your accounts, take a look at

What do you think, Hart Beat? Do you have any finance tips that you can share to a twentysomething lady living in Brooklyn?

P.S. This is what I’m waiting 24 hours right now to buy. ? ? ? ?

Top photo via Style Inspiration.

2 thoughts on “Money saving tip from me to you

  1. Jessie

    That IS such a good idea! Have you listened to the latest episode (#22, I think) of the Of a Kind podcast? Lots of good tips in there, too. PS, those loafers… so gorgeous.

    1. Hannah Post author

      I did, Jessie! I love that podcast so much and thought the advice was so great. I know I went immediately and cancelled one of my monthly charges. Do you have any saving tips to pass on? I just want to buy all the loafers and def need $$$ for that!

      P.S. LOVE your blog. I’m a huge podcast addict too!


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