Baba Yaga advice

Advice from Baba Yaga

Alice Gao

Hey Hart Beat. If you know me and this here blog then you know how much I love good advice. From Dear Sugar, famous artists and the occasional Norwegian man, I’ll take it all and so, I was very happy to discover recently the advice column Ask Baba Yaga, from one of my favorite blogs The Hairpin. Baba Yaga is the brain child of Taisia Kitaiskaia, a writer and poet, and the author takes great skill in answering people’s questions in the spirit of a wise old.. guru? Clan leader? I can’t figure out the tone exactly but I love it. With questions ranging from “How do I stop hating everyone?” to “Am I watching too much television?” there’s a question and answer just for you. Here are a few of my favorites. What would you ask Baba Yaga, Hart Beat?

Will I ever fall in love again?Baba Yaga advice

How can I stop eating sweets?
Baba Yaga advice

Is it possible to truly love my partner if I know I could do better?
Baba Yaga advice

How can I make the most of my time?

How do relationships survive mental illness?

Am I watching too much television?

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