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Money saving tip from me to you


Last week a little bit of financial advice was circulating our world of the interwebs (it was both in the Of a Kind newsletter and on Cup of Jo’s weekly roundup.) The simple five minute tip got me thinking about my finances and if there were any little tricks that I try to live by that you might like to try out.

The first one that came to my mind was one that I learned from a one time customer who I met while working at Artists & Fleas my first year in New York. What a customer said to me when I told her the total of her purchase (which was over $100) was that she needed to wait and come back. When a friend she was with asked her why the woman replied,

If I’m going to buy something and it costs more than $100, I wait 24 hours before buying it.

UM, THAT IS SUCH A GOOD IDEA. Often times, I feel like what I spend the biggest chunk of my paycheck is on impulse purchases. Whether they’re shoes, coats, cameras or even just unneeded grocery splurges, this little trick steams the flow of these buys is the halt of waiting a full 24 hours before taking the plunge. This doesn’t mean that I don’t by things that I love, what it means is I put serious thought before forking over any triple digit $$$. Even though it’s hard sometimes (aka it’s on sale and there’s only one left) it’s been a good, solid rule to follow.

I also asked one of my friends and she told me that accounting software has saved her restaurant business a lot of money. In the past she used to spend hours pouring over her bookkeeping, but now everything is automatically done at the click of a button. When running a business of your own, even if you’re experiencing heaps of success, it’s always important to find ways of cutting costs. If you’re a restaurateur looking to revolutionise your accounts, take a look at

What do you think, Hart Beat? Do you have any finance tips that you can share to a twentysomething lady living in Brooklyn?

P.S. This is what I’m waiting 24 hours right now to buy. ? ? ? ?

Top photo via Style Inspiration.

Baba Yaga advice

Advice from Baba Yaga

Alice Gao

Hey Hart Beat. If you know me and this here blog then you know how much I love good advice. From Dear Sugar, famous artists and the occasional Norwegian man, I’ll take it all and so, I was very happy to discover recently the advice column Ask Baba Yaga, from one of my favorite blogs The Hairpin. Baba Yaga is the brain child of Taisia Kitaiskaia, a writer and poet, and the author takes great skill in answering people’s questions in the spirit of a wise old.. guru? Clan leader? I can’t figure out the tone exactly but I love it. With questions ranging from “How do I stop hating everyone?” to “Am I watching too much television?” there’s a question and answer just for you. Here are a few of my favorites. What would you ask Baba Yaga, Hart Beat?

Will I ever fall in love again?Baba Yaga advice

How can I stop eating sweets?
Baba Yaga advice

Is it possible to truly love my partner if I know I could do better?
Baba Yaga advice

How can I make the most of my time?

How do relationships survive mental illness?

Am I watching too much television?

Top photo via @alice_gao

Hannah Hart Beat - The Daydreamers

Thanks HONY: The Daydreamers

Hannah Hart Beat - The Daydreamers

Hey Hart Beat. How’s your Sunday going? I’m having the most relaxing weekend in Brooklyn hanging out and catching up on reading, the internet, and most importantly music that I’ve been missing the last few weeks. One of my favorite Facebook pages (which I’m sure you all love as well) HONY photographed and featured the members of The Daydreamers, a band making it in New York. The photo above is the portrait and here’s what the band said to go along with it:

“I don’t think I’ll stay in the city much longer. Everything is so expensive that it’s just too hard to get by. We came here because we felt that we’d exhausted all the opportunities in the town that we grew up in. We’d already built a reputation locally and played in all the bars. So we decided to move to New York so we could continue growing. I guess I imagined that there would be a sort of domino effect. People would hear about us, start coming to our shows, and things would really bloom from there. But it’s been a much slower process than I expected. It’s really hard to stand out in the city because there are thousands of bands here competing for attention. You learn pretty quickly that an RSVP on Facebook doesn’t mean the person is actually going to show up.”

Of course the next thing I did was find these guys’ music and take a listen and MAN AM I GLAD I DID HART BEAT. The Daydreamers have two singles out (not on Spotify yet) but you can listen to them on youtube or via their website. I can’t stop listening, Hart Beat. I thought of you immediately and knew that if you hadn’t read the HONY piece you should and that the next thing you should do is listen to this song by them. Hope you’re having as restful a Sunday as I am.

The Daydreamers sing “I Once Was A Man.”

Hannah Hart Beat - The Daydreamers

Top photo by HONY and second via the band’s Facebook.

Hannah Hart Beat Hudson

In Hudson…

Hannah Hart Beat Hudson

Oh Monday, we meet again. This past weekend was the perfect fall weather so Pedro and I decided to take Saturday and go up to visit Hudson, NY. The small town of Hudson is about a two and a half hour drive from our apartment in South Brooklyn, so considering it takes me an hour to get to work on the subway that’s amazing! Hudson New York is, you guessed it, on the Hudson river and, wait for it, up in the Hudson Valley region of New York. It’s only about an hour away from where I grew up but was far enough that I never went there until this year.

As much of Brooklyn and the Berkshires have experienced it, I know that Hudson has changed so much over the past ten years. People move in because they like the charm and then because people are moving in the charm starts to leave. Even if this is the case in Hudson I still LOVE IT and seriously recommend it for a weekend day (anytime of year). There are a few places I loved visiting so I thought I would make a little list here in case you find yourself up there this fall.

First off, we have the bar and restaurant Fish & Game right off of Warren Street. When Pedro and I stopped in on Saturday they had TWO FIRES GOING. I mean, do I need to say more? The top photo here and the one of the fancy drink and beer come from there.

Hannah Hart Beat Hudson

The second recommendation is one that I really have no business to be making but I will anyway because it looks amazing. If you want to stay overnight stay at the River Town Lodge! They have bikes! And the most amazing building! (See above.)

A few other places I recommend are the store Hawkins New York and taking a little trip on the adorable ferry that runs down the Hudson. Dios mio, this town is everything I’ve ever wanted. Except winter, it has winter and that’s maybe not something I’ll be able to forgive.

Hannah Hart Beat x WiltHannah Hart Beat HudsonHannah Hart Beat HudsonHannah Hart Beat Hudson

All photos by me and Pedro.

Fresh Air - Hannah Hart Beat

Amazing interviews

Fresh Air - Hannah Hart Beat

Hiiii Hart Beat! Long time no write! To break the internet silence I want to share some interviews that I have been LOVING from one of my favorite radio shows, Fresh Air. For those of you not familiar, Fresh Air is a NPR hour long radio program in which Terry Gross, one of my favorite people on this earth, discusses and interviews contemporary writers, actors, musicians, directors, poets, and artists on new projects that they are working on. If there’s a new book or movie out then no doubt Terry Gross is interviewing that person.

The show comes on at 2pm every Monday through Thursday on WNYC and it is something I look forward to every day (or every night on my commute if I missed the radio edition). Here are my most favorite interviews as of late that I think you all will love as much as I did.

Keith Richards: The “Fresh Air” Interview

The guitarist for the Rolling Stones has a new solo album, Crosseyed Heart. Richards is also the subject of the new Netflix documentary, Under the Influence. Originally broadcast Oct. 25, 2010.

Lutheran Minister Preaches A Gospel of Love, Junkies, Drag Queens And Outsiders

Nadia Bolz-Weber was a stand-up-comic with a drinking problem who opened up a church for people who didn’t belong. “My job is to… remind people that they’re absolutely loved,” she says. Her new memoir is Accidental Saints.

Jon Steward On His Daily Show Run: “It So Far Exceeded My Expectations”

Fresh Air pays tribute to Stewart’s tenure on The Daily Show with pieces from four different interviews since 2000, including a 2006 conversation with former Daily Show executive producer Ben Karlin, which you can listen to in the audio link above.

Author Explores the “Wild and Haunting World of Dolphins”

In her book, Voices in the Ocean, Susan Casey describes the world of dolphins and addresses the myth that dolphins have healing powers. She also details the threats the animals face from man-made sounds in the ocean.

Mary Karr On Writing Memoirs: “No Doubt I’ve Gotten A Million Things Wrong”

In her new book, The Art of Memoir, Karr reflects on the process of recounting personal stories and writing about loved ones without betraying them. When it comes to the latter, she says that, with a few exceptions, she doesn’t spend time writing about despicable people. “When there’s a jerk in the book, it’s usually me,” she says. “I’m the one I’m wrestling with.”


And because I can’t resist, a few others that I loved:

Oliver Sacks: A Neurologist at the “Intersection of Fact and Fable”
Reflecting On Football and Addiction As “Friday Night Lights” Turns 25
A Hollywood Animal Trainer’s Secrets for Getting Dogs to Act On Cue

Both photos of Keith Richards and Oliver Sacks via Fresh Air.

Lisa Przystup aka James's Daughter Flowers aka @brass_tacks

Florists, taking over the world

Lisa Przystup aka James's Daughter Flowers aka @brass_tacks

Hi Hart Beat! Sorry for the radio silence this week. Pedro and I came down with a horrible cold over the weekend at my parents so I’ve been lying low. Today I wanted to talk a little bit about a lifestyle craze that I’ve been seeing all over the place.

Have you noticed how big florists have become. They’re everywhere! And it’s not just for weddings anymore, lifestyle flower arraigners are gaining hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers, they’re collaborating with big brands and blogs like Madewell and Garance Doré, using services like, and they’re quickly becoming the new fashion blogger or baker of the moment. Fresh flower arrangements are a sight to been seen and shared! Having a link in bio can improve the visibility and be noticed from all around the world.

It’s all for very good reason though. Flower arranging in a beautiful way is a skill, it’s not something that just anyone can do successful (ahem yours truly cannot successfully make anything beautiful out of green things). So, in the spirit of this new craze, here are a few florists that I’ve been following lately.

Lisa Przystup aka James’s Daughter Flowers aka @brass_tacks

Lisa Przystup aka James's Daughter Flowers aka @brass_tacks

Hannah Hart Beat

Lisa Przystup aka James's Daughter Flowers aka @brass_tacks

Amy Merrick aka Amy Merrick Flowers and Styling aka @amy_merrick

Amy Merrick aka Amy Merrick Flowers and Styling aka @amy_merrick

Amy Merrick aka Amy Merrick Flowers and Styling aka @amy_merrick

Amy Merrick aka Amy Merrick Flowers and Styling aka @amy_merrick

Kelli Galloway aka Hops Petunia aka @hopspetunia

Kelli Galloway aka Hops Petunia aka @hopspetunia

Kelli Galloway aka Hops Petunia aka @hopspetunia

Kelli Galloway aka Hops Petunia aka @hopspetunia

All photos from the lovely ladies respective Instagram accounts. (Top photo via Amy Merrick.)

Thursday afternoon blues

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 3.38.47 PM

Hey Hart Beat. It’s a rainy week here in New York. I’m sorry I haven’t been getting so many posts to you lately, it’s been crazy at work and I’m feeling a little run-down. This weekend Pedro and I are bringing his my up to the Berkshires and I’m excited to get out of the city for a bit. Here’s a little short post about a song I’ve been listening to a lot lately. It’s such a moody song and one that fits in to this post-summer, bummer weather, October start. What do you think, Hart Beat? Had you heard it yet?

“Every Time the Sun Comes Up” by Sharon Van Etten

Image from @alice_gao