Hannah Hart Beat: Snowe Home Magazine

Snowe launches an online magazine

Hannah Hart Beat: Snowe Home Magazine

Morning, Hart Beat! I hope you all had nice, relaxing and restful weekends. It was a blast working at the Food52 Makers Conference yesterday and if you missed it you can catch up on twitter and instagram. At the makers the makers conference one of the speakers, Andres Modak, is the founder of a lovely brand that I’ve been following on Instagram lately.

Snowe is an online store that carries very minimal-esque home and kitchen things. Everything that they sell is amazing and on my Christmas list (hint, hint, MOM). I was happy to see yesterday morning that the brand is also launching an online “Magazine” to go along and tell the stories and purposes of the products that they sell. I had fun yesterday reading through the first few posts and I thought you might too. This is definitely one that I’m adding to my daily blog check up list.

My favorite article so far? The Best Boozy Bar Cart of course. Although, I would like to differ with Snowe on one point. Rum and coke is most DEFINITELY a cocktail.

Hannah Hart Beat: Snowe Home Magazine Hannah Hart Beat: Snowe Home Magazine

Photos via Snowe.


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