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#HappyFriday: Catbird, musician emojis & more

Hannah Hart Beat

Hi Hart Beat! See, I didn’t forget about you. This week was pretty hectic at work and in life so I didn’t have as much time to write to you all 😞. Also, to be honest, I was engrossed in readying Diary of a Teenage Girl and any free time that I had I spent reading it. If you are looking for something to read this fall then I HIGHLY recommend it. It might even be worth it’s own post soon so I won’t say too much. Anyway this weekend I’m looking forward to napping and… whelp napping is the first on my mind now. For you, here are five articles I loved reading this week when I took a break from Diary of a Teenage Girl. See you on, Monday!

— The girls at Catbird tell us about their work/life balance.

Famous musicians as emojis.

Are we there yet? And other words on a road trip.

Mary Karr wrote a new book!! CELEBRATE!

— A great, cheap and easy way to hang your bike in your small apartment.

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