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Beautiful birthday cards


I don’t know about you Hart Beat but it feels like all my friends have birthdays that fall around together. Theres a group in the fall, starting September 6th and going all the way through October, and then there’s another cohort that falls from the end of January through February (sup Aquarius clan). Now that we’ve all been out of school for a few years and live in different cities, I don’t always get to see my friends on their birthdays. I wish I had unlimited miles to fly all around the word but, sadly, I do not.

What I do have, Hart Beat, is the US of A postal service. Email and social media are good but what’s better than getting an actual card in the actual mail? This summer I discovered the fabulously talented and life saving Knote Paper. The company is based in New Jersey but I found their cards at the Brooklyn Flea. All of the cards that the company sells are hand-lettered and letter-pressed by independent artists around the country.

You can buy just the blank cards but the company also provides a service where when you buy the card online you can include a note and before they send it out in the mail, Knote Paper hand-writes the note on the card and mails it directly from their studio. That way you don’t even have to get a stamp! Or go to the post office!

Personally, I like that part of writing birthday cards but I know some of you out there will find this idea increadibly appealing.. Amiright?

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