Portland, OR

To Portland…. (Oregon)

Portland, OR

Morning, Hart Beat! For a while now, Pedro and I have been talking about life in Brooklyn and what that means for well, everything. Jobs, friends, fun, culture are all so close by but, Pedro has been talking a lot about how he’s always dreamed of living somewhere else. And that place is Portland, Oregon!**

I’m not sure where Pedro’s original obsession with the west coast city came from (Nike’s office’s are there, maybe that’s it?) but over the past few months we’ve been talking about the city so much that I was finally like, ya know what, let’s go there ourselves and see what we think. So we are!

My company gives all employees something called “Summer Week,” one week off around Labor Day, so Pedro and I are jetting off to the west coast to check out this hipster mecca. Our only experience with the west coast comes from my once upon a time “move” to San Francisco and Pedro’s one time trip to Seattle during his professional gaming days. We are both super excited.

It’s been a long while since Portland was hailed as “the place to be” and between Portlandia and the amazing instagram photos I’ve been obsessing over, I’m afraid that everyone might be right. For Pedro, Portland has a pretty big sneaker community thanks to both Nike and CSS having their home offices there and hypebeast not having hit the small city. For me, it seems like an amazing place to actually ride my bike around as well as a great place to finally open my dream store.

Now, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. PEDRO AND I ARE NOT MOVING. We’re just taking a trip out to Portland… Oregon…. to see how we like it. I would love any recommendations of places to check out. A few of my friends from work have sent over amazing lists and we would love to keep them coming. The more places to check out the better.

Portland, OR


** Yes it’s necessary to distinguish. Everyone and their mother assume Portland, Maine when I say just “Portland” and Pedro has some pretty strong opinions about that. I USED TO LIVE IN MAINE, OKAY PEDRO?? jkjk, I love you.

Photos from @portland and @everlane.

2 thoughts on “To Portland…. (Oregon)

  1. Leah

    Portland is amazing. It’s been forever since I’ve visited so I don’t have many recommendations. Make a side trip to Mount Hood if you can! Have a wonderful time!


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