Joy Williams spills about The Civil Wars


Hey Hart Beat. I’ve talked a lot about one of my favorite bands The Civil Wars over the years. They feature heavily on the official Hart Beat playlist and for good reason I think. If you’ve never heard them, the band is a duo team of of Joy Williams and John Paul White who founded The Civil Wars in 2008. If you’re just a casual listener of the band you would assume, with good reason, that the two are a couple. They have incredible sexual tension in their songs and most of the lyrics are about wanting someone.

This summer one of my favorite podcasts Death, Sex & Money interviewed Joy about her solo career and history with John Paul. I learned so many things, including the fact that Joy and John Paul were never a couple. In fact, Joy is and was married during their entire partnership. It was a super interesting interview and I thought you might like to listen to it this afternoon. What do you think, Hart Beat? Did this fact surprise you like it did me?

Photo credit via Allister Ann.

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